Survival road getting really tough


Ok so I’m on survival road level 324. Has anyone noticed that it’s becoming really really tough? If you don’t have at least 4 6*s on the human levels forget it. The neutralise tyreese level is ridiculous…

Part of me likes it because it’s a challenge although I have started to need to restore 6*s which I haven’t needed to do I’m weeks.

Part of me gets frustrated as it is becoming less like a fun bonus part of the game and feels more like another job.

Thoughts guys?

Also a shout out to the expendables in chattahoochee!


347 for me and yes it does get real tough even my six stars are being one shot by walkers and some human stages if I dont have a leaderskill for def or hp or a buff from road zeke.


I’m on 348, ranked 6th in my server, and I have to admit I love sr and im pretty damn good at it, yes it’s getting harder but with strategy and some luck you can take a lot of the teams down in one try but there are a few that will decimate even my best teams, triple green neegan wth dual michonne, comes to mind as they all do min 450% to dmg to all And need to have their ap stopped. But for that blue tyreese team wth neutralize and impair on defend, I’ve found a good strategy… btw at these levels you no longer have 4 dps and 1 healer but rather with human teams always bring 3 dps and 2 healers. If you can bring a high crit yellow leader, bring zeke 6s, or/and doc from survival depot, meaning bring a guardian or two if you can, and a if possible a yellow that has the 20% or less hp finisher move. Usually that team has a group of zombie first so use that to build up everyone’s ap and get a guardian shield on everyone, then when facing the blue take each tyreese down one by one using the 20% hp as the last attack to get that kill in, hopefully the shields help in lowering damage, and with 2 healers (have 1 not attack and defend instead so he doesn’t get impaired attacking tyreese) you can come back up, take each tyreese out one by one.

I know sometimes there’s no zombies and you start fresh with that team with no ability to raise ap beforehand, same strategy but instead attack the 2 guys instead of the tyreese to build ap and get shields up since these don’t have impair on defend and hope for the best, then unleash aps on tyreese, use neutralize if you have one, I don’t so I use more of a defensive strategy with the shields.

ill upload a video later tonight when it resets if I encounter the team.


1*s and damage reflect weapons.


I only do SR when there is a shiny reward… ie Duct Tape or Polish kit… no hurry to make SR harder than it needs to be.


Some ppl choose to do it daily so that they can buy Adens and ascendance medals.



I’ve tried those exact tactics. Today it started with a tyreese team… Stage one… No zombies. Wiped me out


I mainly do it for the gold ascendance medals. 5 per day. Ascend a character every 60 days for free on top of your other stuff


Lvl 400 here.
6* Guardian II Zeke is definitely most valuable for many of the human stages (obviously apart from the ones with greens).

As for Tyreese and friends I use: 6* Carl lead and two more greens all with stun weapons, 6* Zeke and hemorrhage Maggie both with crit weapons.

With this set up it’s manageable.

Against green teams I always use Davie lead, with two more green stunners and two red (Mira and Lori in my case).

Seems like stun weapons are the key to most of these stages.


Nice. I like it.


i was the first to finish daily sr in my region last year. meaning i was trekking through “hard” levels when there was no ascencion. i still sr every day and with ascension, dailies have gotten ridiculously easy. its all about team setups and digging into that roster to be unorthadox sometimes.


I was the second to finish SR in my region. It felt like a masochistic daily ritual until 6 stars arrived. Still stages after 350 weren’t easy at all even with 6 stars.
I gave up doing it on a daily basis after I reached 400 though. It is too much time consuming for the outcome we get.


For a long time I would only do SR to completion if there were DT or PK to be had.
All other days I would just auto it either until my roster was all dead or until I beat level 9.
It takes a very long time to level down on SR, but if you diligently avoid finishing it for 2~3 months it will get easier.


What is the completion level?



seven characters


Nearing level 330 and I will agree that the levels are getting indeed hard!

One toon that is helping me out immensely is Jermaih. That 70% defense down clearly makes a huge difference at this stage. I use him for all human stages other than blue ones.


It’s definitely harder now, I believe I’m near level 340. You can’t just make an auto team anymore and hope that the 6* overpowers everything, you need to pay attention to traits now too, which means using old 5* again.

I don’t mind the difficulty. I’m only doing SR to stock up on weapon crafting items (iron spikes, laser sights, etc.) and to get more depot points to buy Adens if he ever goes on sale.