Survival road for 1day and 12h


Please could you explain to developpers, Events Survival road for 1 day and 12h is not justice for all.
I explain you why. In my region, there are french and canadians people ( from quebec -> french language ). When event like this one is finishing, in France, it’s 7.00 am and in Quebec it’s 1.00 am. When in France we are sleeping, in Quebec they are continuing to play and have only 1 night whereas french have 2 nights for this event.
1d and 17-18h is ok. But this case we consume a lot more cans for the same thing and if you look at leaderboard, canadians will be over rated on the top.

have a nice day :slight_smile:


Given that 1 can is the equivalent of 2 hours of free energy. The 8 hour difference in active time should be equal to 4 cans. Yeah, it’s a little edge, but it’s not game breaking.


my faction’s teammates from quebec finished it. french no.
tried to buy some cans. 225 or more coins, received only 1 can… big difference


It is breaking some necks over here in Europe. Same for the middle of the night start times of wars and raid events. They clearly favour US players.


finshed 101st on this one, gutted really as if id managed to stay awake another 15min i’d have been top 100.

This is where the 36hr events shit on us Europeans, there is no variance and the American audience gains an advantage, there was no reason this couldn’t have been a 48hr event and finished at 6pm GMT like the faction level up will

Wars are a pain as well, they usually start at midnight and finish at 6am :unamused:


1 am and 7 am for wars for me. As if it is impossible to rotate start times and make it fair for every one.


Not just now. That is a regular annoyance.


ITs not just this event, they regularly finish at 6am for me, if its a 48hr event its not a problem, but 36hr events i’m asleep for half of it


Personally I also need to sleep on weekends. Especially Sunday night. Running late for work has you fired here.


Yes, it is.


I think the kids and wife would probably argue I put too much effort into this game, never mind changing my sleep pattern to suit it!

My main complaint isn’t that it finishes/starts early, more that 12hr/36hr events exclude/disadvantage so many people, where as a 24hr/48hr events gives everyone an even playing field.

Not so long a go there was a problem with a gear map starting late - very late - and the American audience kicked up a right stink because they were left at a disadvantage compared with europeans


Or to those more favoured by the given event times. Yes.


Exactly. You could be ‘dedicated’ and wake up every 2hrs for SR, or you could live in a time zone where you only sleep during the event once rather than twice


We talk about war. Regular war times.


Period will be when you get a streak of start 1 am Saturday morning, end 7 am Monday. I work all Friday so being around for start is impossible.


War isn’t particularly an issue because it is a long event, it’s the 36hr events that are the problem, what was stopping this event finishing at the same time as the level up? 6pm for us, 10am for the US?

Things wont change so its a fruitless argument but if an event 12 / 36 hr there is a clear advantage somewhere in the world – US or Europe – something that making all events 24 or 48hr would solve


Almost all events start at 3-4am for me and either finished then or 4pm-ish.
Wars start 10am Saturday and finish mid afternoon Monday.
All shit options. You all need to suck it up.

If you think sleeping at night is a choice people don’t HAVE to make, I would say the same about working during US daylight hours. Sure you CAN change it, but why?


war is another problem. To be honest, my faction is something like 60% french 40% canadians so in war we “run everytime”.

Here (rts), the problem is north americans could hit all milestones free whereas europeans no. Because it’s 36hours and no 48hours ( and europeans should sleep 2 times against 1 time for north americans ).