Survival Road Feedback [10/16]


Since the launch of the Survival Road update yesterday (Oct 16) we’ve heard feedback from players on the new experience.

First and foremost, we’ve seen that the overall difficulty of Survival Road has become more challenging. While this was a design goal to make the feature feel fun and engaging, some players have voiced concerns about certain enemy waves. Specifically with the inclusion of Walkers from the Walker Hordes mode, certain Walker Stages can feel very difficult. We welcome all feedback and will be actively reviewing win rate data and qualitative suggestions to make tuning changes in the future.

Second, we’ve seen player concern over Marker prices in the SR Depot. Our intention is to keep players earning many more Survival Markers than ever before, so we will continue to monitor Survival Road to make sure that happens, and tweak prices and rewards as necessary. Look out for the next Survival Road Tournament, which will have Survival Markers both in Rank Rewards and Milestones.

We’re also looking for player feedback on the Arena changes that are going live today (Wed, Oct 16). Please keep your opinions coming!


If it’s too difficult to complete then we won’t be earning many more survival markers than ever before. Or did that not cross someone’s mind at any point?


Players won’t bother with the SR tournament if it’s this level. It’s one thing if it’s not costing you energy, completely different if your losing energy and need to use cans and kits.


They want you to spend money. That is the end goal with everything this shit show of a company does.


That is there goal. Spending!


Thanks for addressing this, at least verbally. I’ve always done daily SR day in and day out but yesterday was the first time I didn’t. It currently just takes too long and too much kamikazi-ing to be fun. I hope the tourney SR is largely untouched, given a nightmare version of that already exists.

There really shouldn’t be crit resist on any walker. I don’t neccesarily mind special walkers like taunt, but once they have you taunted you can’t kill them unless you’re using your top 6*s, which you wouldn’t take vs walkers, because they die. And they do die right after.

It might also be worth keeping waves to just 1 to try and shorten completion time down. The average player isn’t going to spend a couple hours doing daily SR, they barely spent time when it was just an auto-through.

And there wasn’t any need to increase the cost of existing items in the store. Yes we get more tokens in theory (if you can win), but contextually the value of 5 ascendance medals hasn’t changed. Given that plat mods and Lee/Magna gear will be priorities, things like that and trainers needn’t have gone up in price.


I think it’s to difficult for a daily thing but would be fun for a tournament. I think grinding this out for 20min is too much for the daily road. It takes way to much time when we have so much to do in game


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It’s way too hard. If people all had about 20 s classes at a reasonable level, then fair play to you. But we don’t. And we’re not going to get there if you keep giving us 5* ascendables or 6 star toons as rewards.

On my mini today, I got stuck level 39 stage 10 wave 3 by a Zachary. This is totally unreasonable - I’m level 23 with nothing ascended and no decent maims or other toons, no weapons and about 2 mods to go round. If I wasn’t already playing elsewhere so got what you were trying to achieve, I would probably have cried and deleted the game.

Sort out where you want your game to be then design it properly to reflect that. Make the levels a challenge but achievable.


Why ask for feedback??? Everyone knows you’ll never make any change the players like. And any “tweaking” will only be to make it worse for us.

Want my feedback? Stop screwing up everything you touch!


I am in agreement with everything that has been said about the updated SR so far. The difficulty went far too high. It should not take 10 minutes to kill one freaking walker, or the 20 minutes I spent on Doc Stevens before I finally just gave up. I don’t mind the different walker types. I had one who lit my entire team on fire and killed everyone on the second round. BUT, if you are going to put those types of walkers in there, there needs to be a little bit more forgiveness in them. A crit resist walker should NEVER resist 100%. I could take 75, but a 100% chance of failing a crit hit is ridiculous. Headshots are RNG, maybe the crit resist should be as well.


This will probably be just like their own poll that they ignored


:joy: I thought about exactly that right after I posted.

I went ahead and ran SR thru last night, just so I could say I gave the full thing a shot. And i am standing by my original statements that i will never be doing it again. Yea, I was able to beat it, but it took fking forever. Maybe a little shy of 2 hours.

It’s not just the walkers. The human and mixed stages take God Damn forever. Having to take a green team against blue, or yellow against red, esp if they’re equipped with crit weapons for the first 2 waves of walkers… And don’t make a single mistake. If you do, either you die, or spend the next 15-20 min trying to recover…

I absolutely hate the new SR


I already told people how to handle SR but everyone is so stuck on making a crit team for walkers when crit has a diminishing stacking effect and can only go to 99 but 99 doesnt = 99. So oh well :man_shrugging: not saying SR isnt a lot harder than before but some of you outright refuse to change or adapt to any kind of change.


I think one of my concerns is the traits you are putting that aren’t feasible for everyone. I’m lucky in that I have all traits in 6* but I can see where that could be a issue. Don’t force traits on everyone. The way it was before was much more acceptable. The way your doing it now is forcing strong/alert teams and fast/ blue no not against elodie and Alice. It just ain’t working. Don’t pit us against impossible odds Also I am not finding today’s walkers too hard in legendary but by god it was yesterday. Maybe tone the walkers down to reasonable instead of night mare. You made the figurine event have 20 SR and the way its been this week has made that impossible. I’m lucky to get to the first box. Lol. With the trait call. If I could use my fast/alert/strong team throughout I’d be set. But thanks to your trait thing I can’t. Make it reasonable not night mare. I feel for anyone whose not at least S9++ in legendary sr. I’ve not finished one since you started this crap. But the tokens seem okay. You do half right half wrong. Lol. Set legendary at S6+ all stages and that should be okay for everyone. Cause my strong/ alerts are semi new and my ryker isn’t even ascended yet. Lmao. Help us! I need to be able at S10 my strongest team to beat a legendary SR. Something just isn’t right about it. The walkers are too hard and the ppl are too pay to play. Need more common 6* like yellow yumiko/ yellow michonne not Alice and elodie. And there was disarm in my last sr battle. Wtaf? No put the normal 5* bots back. Lol.


Personally I got through it, but it takes so much longer now it’s ridiculous. Sooo, not gonna do it. I don’t mind trying new teams and strategies. But when the best i have available still takes forever to beat it, i lose interest…fast.

Just don’t force us to take weaker trait teams, dont buff enemies to such insane levels, and dont make walkers immune to headshots. Then it could actually be fun. Not saying dont make some changes, just don’t go as far as they did…

SR is just way to difficulty to finish. No way players are going to try SR during a tournament the way that it currently is. There are players in my faction that used to like SR and scored well until the update. Now they haven’t played since the first day of the update and I haven’t either. I am all for improvement and updates however I think you guys took it to the extreme.


They could have done so well just adding 6* humans without insane buffs, and horde walkers without headshot immunity. That alone would be made it more fun imo. I don’t know anyone who enjoys fighting S25 level enemies. (Or whatever rating they might be)

Hell, a normal 6* team with very unique weapons would’ve been fine. But not this…

Also, not being able to swap mods makes this new mode even worse. Just another point that bothers me…


I agree. I was looking forward to seeing horde walkers in SR but not like this. It is not fun nor engaging to me. Just my honest opinion

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