Survival Road event legendary level 26

After I completed survival road tournament level 25 & replayed the last stage again, it prompted team select screen for level 26, but I can’t start it. I guess it’s a bug

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Are you by chance a beta player? Would be great to see more stages.

No I’m not a beta player. I play in Elmore region

Glitch there is no 26 lol

I wish there was. with 6 stars we need a new tier of survival road. human levels are just to easy and zombie levels are just a cakewalk. I think even regular survival road the stats of the enemies go higher then during a competition


Way higher. The tourneys arent deadly anymore. The dailyroad enemys have 8* stats.

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It’s been like this for a long time.

If they’re so easy how are countless people in regions who have lots of 5 and 6 stars still barely hitting legendary?

easy, because they go in with the wrong teams and weapons…

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And they can’t be bothered to login every 2 hours to complete legendary for rewards that are snooze inducing.


I have a friend who I consider a pro at the game, he has great weapons and characters, shoot he even gave me some pointers on how to attack and all that, and he still can’t beat legendary on it

Can you elaborate? Given proper weapons and characters, sufficiently long SR tournaments can be cleared using 0 cans, and no single stage should be that difficult.

If you’re talking about a SR lvl in the 300’s, that’s understandable.

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I’ve been using tokens for the last 8 hrs or so and completed it with natural energy.

Hate to say it, but he’s probably not really a pro at the game if he can’t beat legendary… and in the six star ecosystem, beating legendary is easier than ever… used to be fewer than 10 players in all of Lamar region could finish Legendary 25… since six stars and good five star became more widely available, I can’t even count how many finished it now… used to be winning SR was based on skill and deftness with your roster, now it’s based on whoever jugs the most


I said I consider him a pro, never said he WAS a pro, lots of good people still can’t beat legendary in tournament road (regular SR is pretty easy, that’s not what I’m talking about) given proper weapons and characters they still can’t make it. There obviously are a lot of people who can make it there, but people shouldn’t say it’s too easy and they need to make another tier if lots of others still can’t beat it.

Strategy and a large roster will get you through SR. 6* toons and special weapons just allow you to autorun it. I still keep a few 4* toons just for the crit bonus as leader when it’s persona limited. Use early stages to build AP so you can start a stage with a rush. Stun walkers and the impair humans are really the only stages that need planning.

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Noob then.

Hate to join in on the slammer, but given the current meta and how easy it is to obtain a diverse and effective roster now, beating Legendary should be relatively easy for most players now if they’ve played for a semi-decent amount of time. (I suspect that’s your friend too.) Back when SR tournament was first released, I was one of the few players who were able to finish the entire tournament using a relatively small but effective roster.

On the most part, I still use that same roster now for most of the restricted stages, albeit a few substitutes with 6*s now. I was able to clear SR tournament back when it was first released because I had plenty of practice with regular SR, knowing what team strategies worked as well as knowing which characters I’m restricted to for certain scenarios. Not to mention, SR tournament has various strategies that can make it so easy if you know how to use them right. (Eg: Building up AP for your entire roster in the bronze/silver stages, so that you can breeze through the harder stages.)

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You don’t have to be a noob to not beat legendary

If you’re not in the 393k club for a few months now, you’re a noob. And they added 6*'s now. So skillwise it’s pretty bad/nooby to not even get through.