Survival road energy


You know survival road tournaments? It’s not so bad now the tournaments last longer, but it is not very well designed as you kind of need to wake up every two hours or buy energy to have any chance of finishing it. It should be possible to do in the time and for free but with extra benefits if you are prepared to spend more.

If the energy for survival road has to stay at 8 and refills one slot every 15 minutes, could we maybe get e.g. a choice of refills in war or more variety of refills in war. In war, the refills are far too biased towards raids and world maps (and let’s face it, world energy becomes far less valuable if you have finished the story and are just harvesting from the last levels. I mean who needs even more yellow boots, which are standard fare at least once a week in the road maps).


Now I don’t think the system is necesarily bad. However I just think they need to give away cans in some other way then a few roadmaps. The spenders will always win SR touneys.


Maybe they should switch war prizes to refill tokens. One buys world or raid, two for territories or survival road. A simple way for more flexibility so we can play the bits we enjoy.


Yes that’s what I’m saying. We have raid/world energy in the depot, war, roadmaps and challenges. War energy from challenges, collections, roadmaps and war. SR we only have maps and sometimes only milestones. Would be good if it were given out more in maybe daily challenges or in milestones


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I like this idea a lot. It gives flexibility in choosing which can you want.

That being said they will never change anything. Especially if it would somehow help the players. Heaven forbid that from ever happening.

BTW Who would ever buy cans for territories? :smirk:




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