Survival Road Energy Bags


I think the % needs upping on those bags.

Just bought 6

5x1 energy
1x2 energy.

That’s pretty dirty imo…or really bad luck…


Dont spend your coins on anything rng related until odds are displayed


This is correct.


My wife got 3 last time she bought a bag. Anytime I’ve done it I get 1 or 2 at the most.


A veteran player wondering about why the RNG gave the least amount?? Do you even play?


Dirty! :neutral_face:


ive also had garbage luck for these crates.


I never buy those crates just the offers that guarantee me 6 cans least I know what am getting vs being hustled by rng.


Wow…that’s truly awful…

Bet mine would have looked similar if I’d have kept going.


Go to Vegas an f complain about odds. Simple fix, don’t spend money and work hard. Otherwise, quit. Why does everyone complain so much yet continue playing?

Gambling is gambling. I am pretty sure scopely gives us better odds than most other forms of gambling.

Anyway, watch videos do trial and save free coins. I got a few good toons this way and I have never spent money