Survival road ending


So it seems I finished survival road (or at least got to the maximum level which is 400) and even though they capped it, they didn’t think appropriate to at least put a slighty better spécial reward for reaching it… This so so much like every other problèmes with rewards @kalishane, it’s very frustrating to do such a SR streak when everyone else quit months à go :confused:. You could have at least give more SR insignia for this level. I don’t know it’s not so hard to give good incentives in a game xD

The first screenshot read “You have reached the max survival level !”



They don’t care.



In game support once said survival road ended at level 250 or something (there’s a long lost thread on the old forum). It seems Scopely extended this to level 400. Perhaps they’ll extend it again? Any idea @kalishane?
Congrats though, I rarely bother to finish a stage unless a kit or tape is up for grabs.



good for them extending it if that is the case, but there is honestly not benefit. Rewards are not any better for later stages at all. Keep your low level, increase your odds of keeping your toons while doing SR and get those kits and taps. That is the only time I attempt SR. Sadly I only realized there was no benefit far too late.



1 silver paint LMFAO what an insult



Same here. Once you have the SR depot toons you want there is little point in continuing unless tape or PKs are on offer. By struggling to keep on advancing I unwittingly made getting those items much more difficult when they did appear. So now I deliberately fail every day so that my SR level will drop by one every week. Then I am better placed to try for the tape and kits when they are on offer.

Oh, and kudos to the OP for reaching 400. Can’t imagine what your roster must be like.

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Nothing spécial about my roster. I dont have any premier toons for a start. Just playing it smart ^^
I kept playing it for the challenge and I bought a lot of things from the depot so it’s Totally worth it to still do it (1 Jésus, 2 Ezek, and a dozen of Aden which are always nice to have for 6*)

But considering the difficulty of the humans scene, I don’t want them to expand it. It would get soon almost impossible if they did. Tyreese 6 AR only does half damage to red toons even with 50% att boost for example, and any AI toons can do more than 800 damage with a regular non critical attack. Blue Éric, 6 Carl and Yellow Caroline are your go to lead ^^