Survival Road Difficulty Update [10/29]


As you are aware, we recently made some big changes to Survival Road. While we’ve seen tremendously positive engagement with the feature since the update, we’ve also been listening to what players are saying about how to make the new Survival Road experience better.

Specifically, we have heard that the new Survival Road can be extremely challenging, especially at the later stages.

To address these concerns, we’ll be making the following updates to Survival Road:

  1. Stats for enemies reduced at each level, especially for levels 400+
  2. Resilient Walker - crit resistance reduced to 70%
  3. Relentless Walker - crit resistance reduced to 50%
  4. Menacing Walker - crit resistance reduced to 70%
  5. No more than one Menacing Walker per wave
  6. Resilient walkers now appear less often

The goal of these updates is to enable more players to go further in Survival Road and subsequently, earn more Survival Markers.

Expect to see these updates live in the next 24 hours. Please let us know your feedback once you’ve played through the new updates!


Thanks, I’ll think about doing Sr again


:frowning: it was just getting fun

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Thank you. What was the point in crit resistant walkers? No one wants robotzombos


Still way too hard. Morgan, Herschel, Rick, Mike, and Glenn. All 5-6*. Just got destroyed round 2 on SR. Its bullcrap. Fix your :poop: or start cutting those depot prices. They seemed even harder to me. Ill not play again until its fixed. That’s not good business for you.

When is this change going live?

Do I get back all the med packs I had to use to get to 413? @ForumAdmin


It’s scheduled to go live at 3pm pdt today.


And I know its a weaker team. But the stages shouldn’t be this hard. The zombies where vicious. But strong isn’t my strong suit. At all. Most of my teams are Alert/ fast/ tough.

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Thanks for the response

It’s not live yet maybe try later. Good luck!

What about these multiple one shot axel enemy teams?

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What’s the over/under that this change will break something.

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100% gonna

Anyone else notice that 8% weapons don’t work on SR?


I appreciate the changes made and the fact that you guys took our feedback. I will try SR again and have alerted my faction of the changes so I will see how it goes.

My weapons don t seem to faze the walkers. And the trait thing is still my stopping point. Asking for my worst traits on hard zombies. Mike on any other team would have been useful. And Hershel. But not straight strongs. I don’t have any built up. I need to work on that. But these stages shouldn’t be so hard a 5* maxed can’t beat it. Much less a 6* team. They are just too hard. I pity anyone in legendary who got their before they had all their teams ready. In 2 years I’ve built a great fast, alert, and now tough teams, strong was the last and least focused on unfortunately.

It’s not just you. I’m on 401 and refuse to run it anymore waisting drug kits at an alarming pace to get thru each stage.

Thanks. I don’t blame you. And this makes me feel a little better. Hopefully they’ll get it right soon. Good luck to you. And have a good evening!