Survival road difficulty rewards

There are three things I could be wrong about here.

  1. I’m pretty certain that I remember it being stated that the hard and Nightmare survival roads would give better rewards in comparison.
  2. This SR seems noticably harder (not hard yet, only on gold, but opponents aren’t going down quite as fast as they were in the equivalent stages of the last SR), so I assume this is ‘hard mode’.
  3. Pretty sure that I was getting similar rewards on the last SR at the same points. (Picture is of Gold Stage 8 box)

Now if I’m incorrect on any of the above, you can just ignore this (after telling me which part is incorrect please :stuck_out_tongue:). But if the 3 points are correct, then I’m confused as to why prizes are pretty much the same after being stated otherwise.


You are not incorrect, this is the harder version. I usually do not have to revive anybody but I have revived at least ten and just finished about 30 minutes ago. The Rewards do not reflect the difficulty. I also think XP should be at least doubled for this mode and tripled for nightmare.


This is the ‘Hard’ mode of Survival Road. Based on the OP in this thread we would see more valuable rewards. It’s a vague comment at best.


Thanks for the replies guys. I was second guessing myself there but was pretty sure the points were right. So it was just BS when they said it would give better prizes. No surprise there then


Anyone got a screen shot to compare the rewards from the regular SR earlier this week and this Hard more one?

tbf they did not specify where the rewards would be better the overall 1st place of 1k cards is better than the 650 vanilla cakes that 1st place got last faction sr.

but still the rewards throughout stages should also be better due to the difficulty it took me 2.5 hours instead of the usual 1h15mins to fly through

We have not had a harder difficulty faction based survival road yet I do not believe I have we? Don’t think we could compare would be milestones.

Also just picked up on the fact that it is 5 stages less. This means that there are 5 boxes less (or 10 if you just get the stage reward and not the box at level 20 of each stage - didn’t pay attention to that), which would mean overall the rewards will be worse not better.

I meant milestones from earlier this week compared to this one. Milestones don’t typically change between solo and faction.

They should change the exp for these harder levels as well. Being less stages you actually get less experience points repeating levels then on normal version. Should not be copy and paste from normal one.


Milestones are better, used to be 120 hats is now 225 so almost double. League store tokens are increased by a similar amount, and SR markers by 50%.

From what I see that changed was only the reward of hats. If I’m not mistaken it was 125 last Sr.

Yes, this is the first faction SR in Hard mode.

Harder but you get more completion rewards than normal mode. Also, only 20 levels rather than 25 levels.

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My only thought on this is that it’s making me work with my main account, having to revive toons a lot in the higher levels…that’s fine, it’s a challenge.

As for my mini account, I think this was the worst idea for the game as far as lower level players. My mini isn’t horrible, but it needs a ton of work. My main toons were dead by the second stage bronze, with no kits to recover anyone. How are lowers level players, and newer regions supposed to do anything in this event that they put out for the game…having two accounts, and mini being 100% f2p, I don’t see how this is enjoyable for a lot of the players.


newer regions will struggle I agree and should probably be kept having just the basic sr, but for older regions hard and nightmare sr are a great idea from my personal view its nice to have a challange but also remember not everything needs to be completed by everyone.

I like 20 levels personally


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