Survival road difficulty - again

The difficulty of daily survival road seems to be cranking up again. I’m struggling to get beyond the second stage in my main and minis. Again. It was fine for about a day after the announcement that there was a problem, but it’s going backwards.

Wow I didn’t notice it was brought notch down. Clearing 10 stages for that weekly mission last time was nightmare haha

I am currently at lvl 407 and must say I have no “real” issues, yes toons die and you have to think twice before entering the stage but to me it feels they have nerfed the difficulty 2 times. Once when they realized how idiotic hard it was when they updated, second time maybe 2 weeks ago. Nonetheless I could be proven wrong later after daily SR refreshes again.

Feels about right now. I have to think to get though stages I am weak on (Red mainly) but otherwise I can do the daily without losing too many toons

The first nerf was only about walkers crit resistance

There’s has not been any other update on the difficulty of Survival Road following the announcement and the actual upgrade of the difficulty.

Ok. I will take your word for it that nothing has changed. Despite the problems I had.

Have they fixed the invisible healing problem yet where the toons heal themselves between attacks?

Seems like ur just complaining just for the the thought of it. I have been autoing my SR ever since the hotfix.

Here’s ur attention buddy

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There is nothing wrong with SR. Leave it alone after the hotfix.

If you want a challenge, go find another game because playing this game daily is a challenge for gears and so on.

They playing mouse & cat, proof difficulty being reverted back, that’s sr of today :wink:

I have days I can’t get through, I quit and try again the next day

Acendance medal difficulty

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Saw this on another thread :slight_smile:

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