Survival road depot. Is It a bug?


Just wanted to know if it’s something common… For two weeks I always got the same display on sr depot , the changes affected only the prices but not the characters or the other stuff. Scopely’s support told me it’s because of RNG but is It really true? Anybody experiencing something similar? @kalishane please notice this!


I have had this problem for 10 days
Support says
"It refreshes every 24hrs and is random. There is nothing wrong sorry you are not getting the response you are looking for"
They refuse to accept that this is broken.

One of the developer here in the forums was able to tell me something is wrong.
And i hope it will be fixed.


I’ve made several threads on this. I PMed @Agrajag and he forwarded the issue to an engineer so they are aware of the bug and working on it.

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It is a known issue that we are aware of and people are working in a fix for that already.


OK, I am not one of those who cry over everything, but this is to long… Playing over a two years now, and this is not acceptable… Have same offer in SD for some time now and this is really annoying … People from my region and from my faction buying Aden’s and other useful stuff while some of us can just watch. I am first in SR, finished lv 400 ,have over two years streak now, so, FIX THIS!!! NOW!!!

Survival road depot bug

I read somewhere that if you enter the supply depot directly from survival road it refreshes while if you enter It from the “standard” depot it doesn’t. Try this, It worked for me :slight_smile:


Thanks, it worked for me to…