Survival Road Depot Glitch

Ive been having Ezekiel and carl in the depit for a few days now and it wont change all i want i dr stevens to show up @kalishane

I just noticed it cost 400 coins to refresh but in supply & assault depot it costs 200…The development team are at it again.


Each day go into survival road and accesss the depot from there first. It will refresh. If you access through the regular depot link first it won’t refresh

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Ill try this thanks ill update this

That is the price it has been at since the beginning.

The pope is right
But the most important key is

Once your depot has refreshed the 1st time you access it that day is then only time you can change items.
From survival road depot changes items
From menu keeps them the same…

When your survival road depot refreshes(every 24hrs)
If you want to have differnt items to select from follow this simple step.

From town
Go onto your survival road daily map
Then from survival road access the depot.
This will change the items

!!! Which way you access the depot the 1st time each day after it has refreshed will change or keep it the same!!!

From your town
Then s.r.
This path will keep the same items as the day before.