Survival road depot ascendables

When are the survival road characters going to be ascendable (zeke Jesus and Stevens).
Let’s be honest zeke is only relevant because of his rush and Stevens is a poor mans Monica.

Ezekiel “survival road” 6*
Hp :1499

Rush: Sustained Ferocity 66AP
All teammates gain +80% attack and 40% defense for 6 turns, and regain up to 30% of their max hp for 3 turns.

Active skill: Stun
Stun up to 2 enemies for one turn
Initial cool down: turn 2
Cool down: 3 turns
Number of uses: 6

Leader skill:
All melee teammates gain 20% attack, 15% defense, and gain a huge bonus to AP when attacking.
Dr. Stevens “Survival Road” 6*
Hp :1575

Rush: Surgeons Precision 66AP
All teammates get +60 crit for 4 turns. All teammates regain 65% of their max hp and gain 40% bonus hp.

Active skill: Recover impair
Up to 3 teammates recover from impair
Initial cool down: 2 turns
Cool down: 2 turns
Number of uses: 6

Specialist skill: guardian II or hemorrhage II

(hemorrhage II: When this specialist lands a critical hit on that enemy, that enemy suffers extreme bleeding that worsens every turn. [+300 bleed damage per turn] ).

Haven’t come up with anything for Jesus that wouldn’t be either too op or an Erika clone gone wrong(sorry).

Tiers would require multi tools
Tier 2: 2 tools
Tier 3: 4 tools
Tier 4: 6 tools

Keep in mind these are just concepts feel free to leave POSITIVE feedback.


Scopely please copy paste this and crank out this man’s Idea.

Survival road characters won’t be ascendable

Really? Once 6* Glenn releases not a lot of people will be using zeke

Jesus should be like when he was first seen. Revive all for 75 AP xD

There’s a reason they changed it

But now It can be his 6* :smiley:

People were flipping their shit when they found out Erica could revive one.
I don’t think they’d take too kindly to a full team Rez. At most I could see a dual Rez with maybe a 30% buff/debuff

I wouldn’t mind If he had 120 AP and be in the game after we had a Lot of revives :P. So, Jesus Revive It all 120 AP next Christmas? Ok, I Will stop

But just imagine you’re against a full Erica team and you forgot Jesus till the the end,and it was just like “boop, have fun with all 5 shits back in your cereal”.


Enemy Team reaction.

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150 AP and it’s my last offer u.u

Huge bonus to ap when taking damage plus Shane’s lead could get that in 2 turns


Bro, you have avatar Jesus. Help the real savior with Full revive u.u

Lol sorry to break this to ya but that’s not survival road jesus, that’s shiva force Jesus

Still Jesus :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s like saying Pete from Oceanside and Pete from Alexandria are the same

O.o. They aren’t, but the Jesus are oO.

Shiva Force Jesus is the same Jesus from Hilltop ô.õ

But Jesus from hilltop isn’t Jesus from Nazareth

“Jesus” (Survival road) 6*
Stats: 1675 attack,1504 def and 1,556 HP

Ar (66)-Reviving Volley-Deals 275% damage to a row of enemies,Remove any positive Defense status’ from those enemies and Revive One teammate with 45% of Max Hp

Active skill (Taunt)-Taunt up to 2 enemies for 1 turn

Leader skill: All teammates get 30% attack against Ranged characters. All ranged teammates get a Huge bonus to AP when attacking