Survival Road depo

Why is Carl 20k or something like that but then Maggie shows up at 131k?? @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely

because that is how much they cost, not like there is much to spend your survival markers on anyway

Spend them on ar trainers other token bag 500 wep tokens or 1k 5 star

500 or 1k tokens? no thanks

adds up…

seeing good toons now in 5 star wheel and inpair stun you name it in wep wheel

Carl is being sold for 12,000 supply markers ? :thinking: Lol this seems to be the problem.

Has anyone tried to buy him? I wonder if it will result in an error since he’s in the survival markers depot.

I want to know why you can’t see anything about the mod offer on to right. Is it gold, silver, bronze, attack, defence or any of the other type mods.
Has anyone bought it know??

If it shows gold then they are all gold, same for silver or bronze and they can be any type

Only thing worth buying in this depot is the daily ascention medal crate. That’s why I posted that it needs a better update in the update thread. Same 3 5*s for years. Either make some new ones or add a slot for decent ascendables we can grind for markers to obtain.

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