Survival road = death street?


it is nightmare ik but it so so hard i lose all by stage 6!

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Survival nightmare road isn’t for you xD


ik theres some who will destroy all but it is so hard i cannot help much at all!!!


lol xD move on this event is made for people who have quite a lot of 6* :slight_smile:


fixed that for ya


ok so i just gives up than?


Can you ask your faction for advice and help? It’s tough to know what stage you are at in the game and what toons you have. If you are new it might be too tough. It’s definitely worth doing the daily SR and trying to build up a surplus of drug kits to help make it through some of the tougher SR tournament levels

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I’m on level 40 already and I haven’t really seen any change just more stages


I don’t expect much difficulty at bronze level. It might bump up significantly overtime. It would have been really bad if it already started at impossibly hard difficulty for bronze.


Regular SR doesn’t get remotely challenging until legendary and even then not so much. Really just need to keep an eye out for the reflect damage stages. It was only challenging before 6-stars and only before I had a revive, guardian shield, and bonus hp toons.

Jury is still out but I think the nightmare refers to the tedium of having to check in every 2 hours and swap out your roster every other stage because they refuse to give us a separate SR roster.


i hate swapping…but its something different…no more auto to finish. Its something different and gonna be a hell of a challenge.


it doesnt need to be as complicated. i proposed a “load team” from the regular roster, with no need of modifications of the game @JB.Scopely


I would take that but honestly, I need more roster spots. I have more than half devoted to attacking and defensive teams and the others are set up for the scav camp and quick territory teams.

All they need to do is copy that exact setup but make it for SR only. What is the big deal? A junior programmer worth his salt should be able to knock that out in a matter of days.

Or just introduce a tab to the roster so we can select different groups of 25. That would probably be the actual best fix. That way we could set up a different tab for war, sr, territories, etc.

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Bronze level survival road maps should not be too tough even for new players. I have weaker faction members complaining they can’t het throughout bronze and most of my Other half’s tier 2 6*s have been killed of already and he’s inkt halfwas throughout bronze.


Nightmare on (insert fac name) street :sunglasses:

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scoeply hit the bong a loo if they think this is acceptable it is not acceptable at all i dont see why the would think this is fair to people who cannot complete 1 single stage because how crazy it is think about it scopely, if you were here in our spots how would you like it, hmmm

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Bronze should be beatable by all, it should get harder from there on out. Whether or not it is I can’t say.

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No, the nightmare SR IS a lot more difficult. I am just past halfway on bronze, but even the first stage was about as hard as the previous SR’s first gold stage. It does get noticeably harder as one progresses.

I haven’t had issues yet, but I can see how lower level players might be finding this to be a true nightmare.


I am on silver 28 and nothing has changed still as easy as anything


wonder if anyone has finished

someone in ur region has scored 360k so far