Survival Road daily

Why has the survival road daily been made so hard my teams are not bad but I find it hard to get passed level 3 on it and impossible to get passed level 6 so consequently I can’t purchase anything with survival tokens and can’t make my teams better which means I can’t get passed level 3 do you get what I mean it’s like brexit here with Scopley here we vote for better and nobody does anything rant over


What specifically are you struggling with? There may be people who can help.


Like @DrJank said there are people willing to help. It would help to know what SR level you are on and your general activity level and what is making you struggle

My survival level is 325 and it always seems that the fight is like against green and the only choice I get is yellow to fight with so I get obliterated within the human fight I’m ok with walkers so normally the last one in that fight I have no 5* weapons yet and the norm s class thanks

I haven’t seen a lot of yellow only against green, and don’t quite remember the stages where this can happen. From what you said it’s a stage against walkers, then humans?

One idea is taking a guardian and bonus HP into the last fight - it might give you enough time to turn the battle even with trait disadvantage. G2 Rick is perfect here. Michelle tends to work out pretty well on SR, as the stun helps and the bleed adds up. Yumiko can confuse quite consistently.

If you absolutely cannot beat a stage where you can take yellows, try dealing some damage using reflect weapons - simply take 1*/2* yellows with reflect damage on them. It takes a while, because the trigger is random, but with a couple of attempts it will work. Take out 2-3 enemies, then take a real team to clean them up. Make sure the enemies’ AR is not charged though, take a small team without reflects if necessary. It is very important that you do not kill the last enemy with reflect damage, as that can reset the battle - if both teams die at the same time, the game thinks you’re at the beginning of the battle.

It takes a while, but you should only need to do this once a month or so I’d estimate - it was more often before they nerfed the difficulty, when SR was much harder - didn’t need to do it since then.

I don’t have any Sclass toons, not even the free ones, and no promos that were not on a free wheel (except Magna, don’t know if she was ever on a free wheel) and I’m on level 440, Not bragging, just trying to say that it is possible to beat the stages that way ,so I hope you’ll find a way to get through it as well. If you can tell us more about the stage where you’re stuck and what you have available, I’ll try my best to help.

In other region, al level 20 still working at James at level 74 tier 1. Mainly my toons are 3* and 4* at tier 3-4 and 3 of 5* at tier 2.
With limited resources and mods, the current daily SR requires specific trait against stronger trait, 3* with health and defense twice of the 5* toons, I can’t finish stage 1 at level 29 silver. Thus I can’t complete my 9th mission to get 3 Bradys.

Basically, as mentioned in other thread, the difficulty is not adjusted with the level and taking the fun out of the game, maybe more so for new players. While my main account can finish daily mission and get the bag without doing arena and SR, the lower level should also get the same favor…

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This is bizarre. With everyone complaining about this, i went to my one mini that’s high enough to run SR at all and played a few stages. Only SR level 10, but I’m using only T1 4* and below. Just beat a stage with 3 T1L1 2* characters and two tier 1 3*, with neutral trait. Everyone goes down in two hits from a 4*, or 3 tops from an unleveled 2*, no mods or anything and 1*/2* weapons. Even played one with reds against mono-blue and didnt lose anyone, And this is not a deep roster, this is literally just the free toons you get at the beginning (and no sclass because I didn’t feel like opening the box).

Of course, it could be that there’s a huge difficulty spike between 10 and 29, and it would take me several weeks to check (plus, I don’t really have time to play that account). But usually SR doesn’t go up in difficulty that quickly (double digit levels for me were two years ago, so my recollection is a bit hazy).

I wonder what’s going on here. Maybe there is a bug that gives some people a much more difficult version that others don’t get?

Maybe you are just amazing…

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Maybe someone at Scopley pushed the down button on your SR. :thinking:

Lol I am decent at SR, but not this good. Has to be a bug somewhere.

Green Lee has stats 280 ATK, 380 DEF, 304 HP. That’s a lot less than T1L1 Prestige Governor, for example. This is completely trivial.

Maybe we can collect some example stats of low level SR? if there are large discrepancies, it should become apparent very quickly.

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Scopely has all that…

If there is a bug, we should seek compensation

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Well no. An acknowledgement.

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They dont give compensation for screwups tbat people spend money for. You think they going to compensate you for a free feature?

Yeah, if there is people should probably get a few markers, only fair. I mean, there is obviously a limit and not every small bug can get compensation, but if some new people get markers that others in exactly the same situation can’t, that should be big enough to be addressed.

@Jim_Mac, if you’re talking about the stats, I don’t think they do. The problem may only occur in very specific circumstances (apparently it doesn’t for me, for example). If they can’t reproduce the bug, they can’t confirm nor fix it.

What’s your game version? iOS or Android?

Android, version

Same on my main device. Should be the newest version I think, had a forced upgrade yesterday.

[ETA] Just to clarify again, this is SR level 10, so it should be really easy and is about what I would expect. Problem is it seems to be harder for some.

Once again punishment for grinding
Just like scavenger missions

@DrJank thank you so much for taking your time to help if it’s ok I will be doing sr today and will let you know what happens I am not after any compensation as it’s a game to enjoy I don’t spend money I’m a F2P have been on now for over 3 years and play for about 12 to 14 hours a day off and on but thank you for your most helpful comments

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Daily sr was very difficult but they reduced the intensity. When I first started playing it was also very difficult with a limited roster. This was before 6* were a thing and 5* were very difficult to obtain. Now I’m on level 450. Go me! :wink: