Survival Road Crashing

Is anyone else having a similar issue to this? Been stuck in Bronze stage 4 since this morning and going to miss out on more badges/power tokens.

I have cleared cache, uninstalled, tried 3 different devices. Galaxy S7, Samsung Tab A and Iphone 8 and they all do the same thing.

Support within the game was not very helpful, telling me;

Hello Ben,

Thanks for your bringing this issue to our attention.

It seems that we need to take a closer look on this. I’ll be sharing this with the rest of the team for further investigation.

However, I’m afraid that I cannot provide a timeframe for a fix yet, but rest assured that we’ll be doing our best to get this addressed.

We appreciate your patience during this process. If you run into any trouble, please don’t hesitate to write back.

Scopely Support Team

So yeah. TL:DR Too bad so sad.

@kalishane is there anything that I can do to have this fixed sooner, or am I just s@!t out of luck?

Try different chars/weapons? Doubt it will help since it sounds like it’s your account (as it spans multiple devices).

Tried different characters and weapons. Tried no autoplay and not using ARs. I also use a different region and I have had no problems in there. So it’s region specific. It also occurs when collecting a bag I got from scav and whenI try to upgrade Alert Joshua to T3