Survival Road Conclusion


Energy Needed
5 stages x 25 levels = 125

SR Energy free possible (without sleep)
1 day + 17.5 hrs + 2 hrs (starting) = 43.5 hrs x 4 = 174 SRE
with Sleep
8hrs (sleep) - 2 hrs (inventory) x 2 days = 6 hrs x 4 x 2 = 48 SRE

Total Energy possible with 8hrs sleep
= 174 - 48 = 126 SRE

=126 Energy - 125 Needed = 1 SRE !!

Time Needed: 5-15 mins(10m avg) every 2 hrs for 2 days
=10 / 120 = 8% of your awake day.

Meaning, you can only miss one natural energy available (using 8% of your awake day) and finish the Survival Road without having to pay.

Survival road is either:

  • an unrealistic event with excessive time demands (losing sleep & skipping work)
  • a pay to complete or win event



Shocker people who spend will win? I can see the complaining in the short ones but longs ones not so much…


Everything about this game is p2w. It’s the business model.


Thats nothing new, but i finished with over an hour to spare, no refills in site.
The midweek SR is more than do able with out spending, the Sunday 24hr one however, isnt…


Let me add to that:
a perfect finish score is 393k… and 1.2k for every extra final level.

if you dont Can and dont sleep , you can score… 393 + 58.8 = 451.8 k pts

think of that next time you see the extent of canning in the final scores.

if you load up on Survival Packs (2.25 Jugs for 250 coins, or 18 energy) …
a final score of 500 would cost about (6 x 250) 1500 gold.


Who actually sleeps 8 hours? :wink::laughing:


Your complaining about the length of this one? There was plenty of time to finish it. And if you didn’t, watch some videos and buy a can. Jesus.


I complete the usual SR without having to buy any SR cans. It’s not always about being the top 3. Sometimes it’s not worth the extra rewards if you just focus on finishing. I did and I still got my gold mod. :grinning:


Right, I don’t get the fascination with always having to complete the milestones. Only go for them if its worth the trade off in resources.


Wasn’t the event 43 hours long?

That’s a total of 180 SRE, therefore after you’ve taken off your 48 you’ve actually got 7 spare.

So, ignoring the slight mathematical error, what does it matter it might be unrealistic? It is physically possible to complete with free energy, so it’s only P2W if you actually wanna win.

And got too much going on in life to not be able to finish for free? Well that’s probably a good thing…


Right. People have to realize that this is the same notion for every tournament(except LU to a certain extent). If you want to win raids, you have to use refills as regular energy won’t cut out. Same for war. I don’t understand how this is a surprise to some players, as if the P2W part in tournaments came out of nowhere.


I finish it everytime


Goddammit. Sure sign of the apocalypse? I agree with both Kanaima and Verdei.

But, I also don’t think it’s a bad thing to lay out the math the way Trout did, either.


what apocalypse


Maybe I should clarify, the point of the post is to show what winning takes and to look at the entertainment value of the event.

Remember when they added the feature to speed up auto-farming (x3), I had 3-4 people in my squad who had announced their retirement come back into the fray because of it.

Stale events, work vs play, pay to win… all major factors in turning people off the game. The post was tagged to JB so while an event might be considered a success (as it’s profitable… as they run it more often) it might not be considered adding to the game experience.

At this point, it’s amazing to see the degree of spend and level of addiction among the community. Those who dont think twice about “winning at all costs.” There’s a reason sports leagues introduce spending caps (sry, im digressing)
What’s considered acceptable game design and whats considered fun. How many updates that havent addressed making the game fun vs more scope creep, revenue streams. Each one pushes me more and more towards @IronandWine’s side of watching the dumpster fire.

PS. i cant remember a SR i havent finished


125stages Ă· 4 = less than 32hrs to complete without sleeping and using free e


Your analysis doesn’t include the fact that this game isn’t a monopoly. There are plenty of other games that offer the same experience, for better or worse. I personally play Xbox, this game, DC Legends, and Our World: TWD. They all offer something different, and sometimes certain games get stale while others don’t.

Each game has its limitations(either by technical or idealistic boundaries), and it is perfectly normal for someone to find something, that used to be fun, boring now. I think people overthink the situation when someone decides to quit or jump back into the game. While it can be a time/money investment, it is ultimately just like everything in life: a hobby.


very helpful thanks


I wouldn’t say it’s fair to have to watch videos to succeed, because you’re still utilizing their coins feature, which used to be available only if you made Scopely money, whether that be ads or micro transactions. It’s only recently been changed, and still, you can’t expect people to spend it on a survival road rather than a chance at getting a 6*.


Your complaining about the length of this this sr… then say you can’t remember and SR you haven’t finished… yet there’s been countless 23 hour or less SR tournies… very strange.