Survival Road Changes: Normal, Hard and Nightmare

Hey everyone,

So I just wanted to express my opinion on the changes made to SR tournaments mainly: Normal, Hard and Nightmare mode.

From what I have gathered the recent change did not make many people very happy and I can understand why. We just had a Hard SR even for the first time, and it was challenging but not overwhelming for me personally, but this goes beyond me as a 2 year old player.

This mode was far too difficult for many players who
a) are just starting out
- some players could not get past bronze 4
b) players with smaller rosters
- free to play players
- mild spenders
- players with little to no roster space due to trainers not stacking

This event in my opinion needs to be tweaked especially if we want continued player engagement. I know a number of players who gave up. SR was during the workweek / school week. It is hard enough on normal SR (tournaments) with energy regenerating every 2 hours. Getting on to play at these intervals has not worked in the past for many and I think it’ll be even worse with Nightmare mode and Hard. Without the ability to auto play and some stages being very very tanky - instead of less than a minute on a stage for some, it becomes 5 min+ on auto depending on the difficulty. For 8 energy that becomes 40min of play and SR although revamped with new walkers (I like), is an enormous amount of time required for engagement during work / school.

I think we should be given more energy (higher energy cap)
I think if we want to keep the engagement level of all players having an option of what road to take would also help
By that I mean at the start of the tournament if the player has the option to play: Normal, Hard or Nightmare.
More points would be available in more difficult roads, but it would allow all types of players the chance to play where they think they can be successful.

New players or people busy during the week could choose Normal.
Hard would be for more experienced players
Nightmare for the players who want to challenge themselves.

Feel free to comment below on what you think and what you would like to see. I’m not saying my ideas are the best or only options but I am just trying to brainstorm


Agree with you @Link spot on what you have said


Thanks Coffee monster Tony :smiley:

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I don’t personally agree that it should be possible to Auto through it, otherwise where is the challenge? Especially in Elite and Legendary, a little more effort should be required. Otherwise the top 10 is just whoever feels like autoing through the most cans.


I liked the hard version, think it was pretty spot on, not too easy but not impossible for myself.

I like the idea of choosing which difficulty to play at the start of the tournament but I think they would have to create three different prize pools. Would create too many complaints if all thrown in together.

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Mostly saying during the work week people don’t have the option to really play in a lot of jobs. Having the option to auto at least one level of difficulty - no saying nightmare mode or even hard, but normal at least. The challenge would be picking your mode- normal, hard or legendary. Personally I had no issues with Hard mode. I came 10th in my region as a f2p that is pretty good in my books.

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not sure because players are choosing to be in a pool - and I’m not sure if they could just apply a difficulty to a region (would not be fair for leagues), but harder road = more pts, people would be making an informed decision at least instead of whole regions being unable to even pass stage 4 of bronze. If it were nightmare people would be stuck at stage 1

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I do like the idea of being able to choose the difficulty level and having appropriate rewards, but let’s be real, Scopely can’t even get their basic gameplay right most of the time. Giving all players the ability to select a version of a tournament to take part in and having nothing go wrong is a pipe dream.

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mhm a pipe dream but one of the only ways I can think of currently that would encourage players to compete and not feel frustrated over not advancing. with milestone rewards for something like this it can all be scaled - so same rewards but from Normal -> Hard say a 1.33 increase and to Nightmare a 1.66 increase from normal mode (more league tokens then too, so would help with gear gate stuff). I guess I see it like some roadmaps that need a specific currency to enter. If we are all given a “Sr token” to deposit to unlock Normal, hard or nightmare then it kind of locks you in I guess

Sounds good to have a choice, but it would probably break the game


I think it would be very hard to balance multiple different runs on the same leaderboard. It would suck having to run the boring mode just for rank rewards/avoiding demotion.

I also somewhat disagree about disadvantaging F2P players and mild spenders; in contrast to regular SR it’s not just who spends the most cans wins. (or rather, they still win, but it’s much closer - I got top 10 without spending a single can, usually that won’t even get someone top 50),

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Yep regular sr is just about who can refill the most

5% better rewards but 5 times as difficult

^ Survival Road Hard Mode in a nutshell

they kind of do that for arena’s in a way, since not everyone gets the same opponents. And it’s about playing where you feel like you can, in one of the newer regions only 2 players could complete Hard SR, others stopped beginning of bronze. Mhm it is about thinking, but having a limited roster for f2p and mild spenders is more apparent in Nightmare from what I recall when the limitations on toons and general strength caused a lot of kits to be used to recover. I got 10th as well, usually top 100 - top 50. my region has a number of ‘whales’, still had to use about 8 cans to stay in the running. But fair to disagree, I just know that as a f2p my roster is very underwhelming and when restricted to a specific colour or trait (whatever it’s called medic, support etc) it can be challenging to bring a team with synergy in.

that’s what it was and it should be scaled accordingly imo

mhm lots and lots of refills needed in normal

Newer regions getting a different tournament for the first few weeks is a reasonable change. That calender explicitly states that this is a possibility, and probably should be done.

Difficult SR is mostly about figuring out what you need to do to beat a particular stage. I think having a varied (but relatively speaking underpowered) roster is acturally one of the strengths that F2P and low to mild spenders can have, at least if they’ve played for. The control-type toons like Stephanie (and the evergreen yellow Kal etc.) they like to give out for F2P are actually pretty good here, because the opponents have no resist mods. It’s mostly about practice and getting good at SR strategies, but then it’s relatively cheap - you can get lots of kits just playing the daily version.

But again the whole issue with leagues makes it tough to do that. Kits were easier to get before, daily SR since the upgrade has made it tough for people to complete, or if you’re like me lazy lol (my own fault). It’s less about underpowered and more about lack of variety. Players would struggle with stages that are walkers then people for example since you need crit and attack / control. The promo toons stil have a huge advantage with their ability to do what 2-3 free characters can do. F2p and light spenders sometimes have very tactic heavy minds because of fewer toons to use - but some things are harder to overcome even with intelligent play.

I disagree with you , it says Hard in the title of the tournament that implies it should be challenging and not completable for everyone these type of event even in other games are directed to endgame players so it’s not 100% doable to a large portion of the player base although it wasn’t challenging We had a lot of time “more than 2 days to complete it free without refills” and they reduced the number of stages to 20 per difficulty instead of 25 which is pretty realistic to do in the given time for me it was more of annoying because of trait requirements keep changing frequently and the stages reduction meant less XP given for farming the last stage

[quote=“Link, post:1, topic:85650”]
Without the ability to auto play
[/quote] this is the intend of Hard and Nightmare mode which is what got me doing daily SR again after they introduced new teams and walkers

What i would like to see changed is the ability to save the teams i use and not have to keep doing them over and over again each time the requirement changes also the rewards for Hard SR wasn’t good at all 200 collectibles for daiyu or 100 for other S class toons is ridiculous, SR depot currency is pretty much has no value i spent 400K for the platinum mod and pretty much sold it for scraps , I’d rather have trainers and medals back tbh

Other thing is they should have run Easy SR or any other tournament on new servers as this was extreme for those type of new players


Survival road sucks anyway no matter what way you look at it. It was never fun. More of a chore. At least it was easy enough to auto through it while you were watching TV.

Now it’s harder and more boring and not worth the time and effort you put into it.