Survival road cans

Why are there no opportunities to get Sr cans for f2p members? None in depots, no roadmap…not given during war or other events and there’s no drops on stages for them. With a short Sr tourny it will take 14 hours to get to about 90k and that’s about the end of silver.


I know it is a tedious process but watch some videos or complete some offers and save up some coins and then buy the survival energy refill. I am f2p and that is what I do once in a while. I haven’t done it currently but I plan on it, to buy at least 1 refill.

I have done that, I more so watch videos every moment i can, but there’s also 7 roadmaps out. It’s all a bit overwhelming. This is just a suggestion to throw some TT or Sr refills out as maps too or rewards, milestones etc

There is an SR can roadmap. Yields two cans… twice a month. Not much but…

Anyone remember when we got one for beating bronze? Those were the days…


So dumb they took that away. Like 1 fill was just too much to give as a reward. Smh.


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