Survival road cans please

Title says it all, for whatever reason these cans are much more difficult to come across than other cans. would be cool if they were a random road drop


Yea they are but we need to use 4 refills for this weeks battle pass mission

this isn’t the first time ive posted about this

this weeks battle pass missions did make me post it again

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I got 4 from the stash today

what stash? I don’t see any

The anniversary stash thingy has thrm

ill be damned, there are a few hiding in there.

id still like it if they were a random drop, I farm the last level of SR as best I can for token. gimme that plat mod

I always save the coins I get every day and from leagues to buy bags during SR.

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I’ve completed that stash both times just finished it for the 2md time today and I already got the refills from it during the last sr event and it dont refresh which is stupid I think idk why it’s not unlimited

there used to be some good 2$ offers where u can get 10 SR cans and another for raids, scopely remove it so we have to waste like 300 coins to get 1 or 2 cans, greedy they are becoming

So just found out that I have to use 4 SR cans wherein I can finish SR without using any. Now Idk if I’ll still use 4 cans coz who knows if there’ll be an SR event next week hahaha

Check the calender but my guess not in time til battle pass resets as imagine this is why put out a SR tourni as surprise… namely cover up the screw up

I fell asleep then on the last two hrs, I wasted cans just to finish that mission hahaha

All cans to the league store

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