Survival road bug - a new one (shocker)

If you have to put a second attack in on a survival road level, some of the toons have refilled their health bars for no apparent reason before the second attack starts. It’s not a weapon issue and they haven’t healed from a rush beforehand. It’s extremely difficult to finish these human levels as it is without them mysteriously healing themselves.

Is this known and is it being looked into?

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Encountered this just now… was using up fodder whittling a human enemy down and they got full health back…

It’s been happening for about a week to me…

that’s right, life is renewed after returning to fight with a new team

It didn’t used to. It’s a new thing.

Think of it as feature and keep surviving as written by [assume names here]

That’s not right, thats wrong and this bug was fixed month ago. But now they reintegrate the bug again.
Walker didn’t renew their hp after returning to a fight with a new team.

That a f-word bug that they make again.

@GR.Scopely why you recreate this bug wich was fixed?

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