Survival Road Blue Key Rewards

I’m happy to see keys being inserted into rewards, however, making them top 3 only is not really going to help your promise of making them accessible.

Two suggestions:

  1. Top 3 can keep the choice box (although 2nd and third need to be bumped up to 500) and the rest of the ranks get a chance box with 500, 250 and five star token amounts. This is similar to the way you guys used to run the level up when there were toons involved.

  2. This is my preferred, start including them in milestones in the third spot after this event is over. If the third spot is for a new event, then make them in the second spot along with arena tickets or when torches roadmap stop running.

If you are truely serious about making them accessible to all, please consider these changes.



Milestones is what was promised.

To quote ForumAdmin:
"S-Class Collectibles are going to be more widely accessible through engagement-based modes:

  1. Raid Drops (found in “Drop Crates” during Raid tournaments)
  2. Daily Roadmaps
  3. War Crates
  4. Tournament Milestones (coming soon)"

Rank rewards isn’t in there. It’s the same issue Arenas has by consigning progression to the top spots. People need these items. Let them be personally responsible for it via milestones.


Good catch… I didn’t even see that. That’s why you’re number 1!!


That’s my councilman!


Your second point is why I have suggested they have 5 rewards for each milestone. There are too many groups of items that 3 rewards always will neglect something. Add 2 more spots, even if they just apply to the last 2 or 3 milestones. Gear, trainers, tickets, rings, ascendance medals, collection items, s class items, and I’m sure you can think of several other items that should be routinely rotated through 5 reward spots or have some event specific rewards


Yea, the game is dragging. It’s time they step it up. Players need something worth fighting for.


ah yeah you’re right man ! there are no rank rewards ahahahahahahhahaha why scopely why ???

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Isn’t that just like scopley.

Tricky back handed sneaks.
Even the milestones suck.
Seriously pushing a broke event like arenas by giving 1 ticket. (Thanks so much for nothing).

Then it’s minuscule amount of torches.
And balloons.

They have done crap to address this besides providing themselves more time to scramble figuring out more ways to suck money.
Where is the PU?
When is going to be reworked?
How are we going to be misled again?

Last two events on massive RNG sucked balls.


Give it 2 more days and we’ll get mislead again.

They are consistent at being completely incompetent at knowing how to do… Well… anything to be honest.


I completely agree that there needs to be more than 3 slots for rewards these days. But imo, the torches are a joke, especially since there’s only 3 slots. You’re basically losing what could be much better rewards (no more trainers), for a few energy… those road maps should just be world energy to begin with. But instead of refills, you gotta rely on coins and RNG if you wanna fill up enough to run them (Or finish milestones in multiple tournaments for one go). Just another way to give us less, monetize even more shit, and make the “free” route to s-class appear to be free.

I’m honestly a little surprised at this point that they haven’t found a way to make all roadmap energy completely separate from world energy…as in new roadmap cans in addition to the world cans.

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They are so incredibly good, at getting everything so incredibly wrong. Lol


@GR.Scopely you are full of :poop: sir… Top 3 only lol

Rewards really need to be extended beyond top 3. I would roll them out to top 10 at least, with 200 keys being the lowest amount obtainable. You either go all out or not bother with these competitions and with keys only going to 3 players, the majority of the player-base will opt for the latter. Our no.1 is at 1.3mil atm. There’s a guy with a Pete avatar currently fighting with me for 3rd place. It’s a shitshow and I hate it.

And Scopley wonders why people hide out in dead regions.

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The strong just get stronger in all these since they always get the better rewards since they spend so much on the game

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250 keys plus some junk for 99 bucks lol

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Try being in a region where the biggest whale has 2 Sclass Pete’s and he still goes for 1st and makes sure that nobody else gets to win them. It’s a joke they still arent accessible


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