Survival Road 1 point replay

What’s up with this? Why are we only getting 1 point for replaying Survival Road stages?

So the player with more refills win
Or is it the player who completed all the stages at 3* win


At 8 points a can? That sucks.

I imagine it’s because the event is tracking speed as well. So in theory the person who finishes first has a better chance of staying at the top because it’s harder for people to overtake? Just a theory because they never make anything clear.


Replay points are irrelevant if you can 3* every stage. They don’t give you anything except relative placement, and everyone gets the same so its simply the amount of cans that matters, as it did before.

@C.J that’s also why speed doesn’t really matter, it’s all a red herring (as Lostboy said earlier SR tournament bug no victory bonus increase) Number of stars is what matters, and in the current setup you can’t really make up for a stage you can’t 3*. Once that is a given, absolutely nothing changes - all a simple function of how many cans you spend.

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1 point for replay means nothing if players can easily finish and 3* every stage.

1 point for replay only makes a difference like in nightmare SR where majority of players don’t finish SR and or get stuck in certain stages due to difficulty.

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This event is actually misleading. They advertise it as who “finishes first wins” and with highest score… it aint about speed!! What a load of crap. In fact you should take your time and still go top 3 if you burn oil and 3* every stage. Fckn scamply. “Speed?” Wtf


And there are still people dumping cans for 1 point least in my region honestly I think its worthless for just 1 point

Depends if you’re pushing for promotion in a high league with only 29 promotion slots.


Unlike normal SR you can replay a stage you haven’t 3starred and get the full points for it on the second go around. I found this out when replaying the one I got a 2star on because of a reflect weapon I wasn’t expecting.

Why “unlike” normal SR? It works that way always for all SR tourneys (except daily SR that don’t use star ranking or replay mexhanics, of course)…

The only difference is, that it makes no sense to replay a lower stage where reflect killed you just to get 680 extra points for the third star, while you get 1200 points for replay of the last stages (21-25 legendary, or any of the elites/legendary in the 40-stage versions)


Yeah what’s that all about, 223ish down to 79ish :man_shrugging:t3:

Fair play, never realised that was the case in the normal SR, probably for the reason that you gave.

29 only in diamond which is ridiculous imo

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Shhhh :shushing_face:

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Sorry yes, I meant peeps in total, bit of a drop if you ask me🤗

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Haha I’m giving the game away aren’t I?

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Yup… you still have time to delete the post both cause I think it’s a glitch and cause u r giving the game away for next SR

Yea I just got to diamond 1 this week and seen the promotion zone is 29 30 which a little bs

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Getting 1 point or 1200 point

Is not really a huge issue since everybody can get the same of point

Btw it is easier to calculate the amount of can you need to get ranked