Survival rewards

Has anybody received their rewards for the Sr tourny that finished an hour and a half a go?

Not me, was wondering the same thing.

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Damn…and hour and a half and no rewards yet… we need to get compensated :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::joy::joy::joy: (that was a joke)

I havent got them yet either

My rewards just dropped

I still havent

Not here yet either

Your not missing out on much TBH :hugs:


saves me making a post also fix this! how hell are we meant to even try to win after beating sr?

What’s the problem?

Tokens stack at 1 when they should be 2k each run after beating it. We use score 500K+ into 1m+ now we barely get out of 315k… 8 pts to a can is a shit ratio next inpossble do well in solo and faction

It’s the same for everyone so it doesn’t matter. 1 point 100 points 1000 points or a million it’s still about cans nothing else


kinda does matter… given its a normal SR got to get them 5 star weapons some how ha

7k some how i also dint lose any toons.

Yes the tires for rank reward but everyone gets 1 points so it’s the same for everyone so it’s still about how many cans you burn

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Finish with all alive get you 314525 points I believe after that for every 8 points it’s a extra can

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Wow. We still have people complaining about 1 point on SR.

This was specified in the official scopely blog post on the event available in game.

If you don’t read then what can we do?

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because no one wants it? changing shit that does not need to be yet again

I’m ok with it, what really grips me is the constant changing of teams making SR the most tedious boring event going

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It honestly doesn’t make a difference. Say you and me were racing each other for 1st - we both completed it with no stars lost and then started doing final stage level 25 which gave us 1000 points per run. If I did 1 extra can and you did 2, I would be 8000 points behind you and it would take me 8 more runs to catch you. If it was 1 point per run and I did 1 extra can and you did 2, I would be 8 points behind you and it would still take me 8 more runs to catch you. The only difference is visual, everything else is the same…

Aside from 1 thing…

With every stage being 1 point, both you and me can rerun bronze level 1 rather than final stage level 25 which saves both of us significantly more RL time.