Survival Marker Depot Glitch pt. 2


@kalishane @CombatMan @Agrajag

Since neither of you responded to my first post, I feel I had to make another to further prove my case.

If you can recall from last time, my Survival Marker Depot refreshes everyday, but none of the items in the depot change. So, I did a test and coined the refresh and I got a new selection finally!

Problem is, I did that 4 days ago and now I have a new selection of items that won’t change. Here’s what I’ve seen in my depot the last 4 days:

I just coined my refresh again and now I have a different selection, but it’s absolutely criminal that I have to coin my depot refreshes to get something different to show up when every other player gets this for free. Can somebody PLEASE help me?


I have the same issue. Same thing everyday for last 5 days. It’s ridiculous that now they want us to spend coins to refresh. Won’t do it. It can stay their for a month. Made a thread about it and no response either we shall see what support says to my message can’t wait.


Oh I have a message from support. It was a big load of horse manure:


Reminds me of my Legendary training camp glitch. I got gloria 28-30 times in a roll. And support told me the exact same thing. I am a lucky bastard, i randomly rolled 30 Glorias in a row!


I’m surprised they didn’t tell u to clear the cache lol that seems to be the response I get 90% of the time. Or the go to forums and ask there


PM me your friend code and i can try and see if there’s anything i can identify in your save that’d be doing it, but its not really something i’ve seen happen before so i cant really guarantee anything.


I have had the same issue for last 9 days



And this is today’s

All that I have received from support is sorry it refreshes every 24 hours you should know this we don’t see what the problem is


Damn Pope ar least you got the discount on the multi tool knife hehe never saw that in my Depot …