Survival club museum collection

So I open today the museum to check how far am I from getting Zachary, and surprise, the toons collection (for survivors club members) are gone, ok, I got it I was late, but instead of toons you can now exchange 100 comics for cakes, blue keys, etc and the other option is to choose between Gabriel (I have him already) and other bunch of useless cakes, I say useless because the amount is ridiculous (250) how is that fair? you need 6000 cakes to get that new toon! before you could get Donny, Jesus or Zachary! Is Scopely planning on put more toons there? if no I guess I will just max out Jullie and stop my subscription.


Not really a surprise. There was a timer.


I know, but they promised more toons, how are 250 cakes/ flags compared with an ascendabe toon?

Oh they’re definitely not, and there have been other threads of people also complaining, with no response from Scopely as far as I’ve seen.
Hopefully once these rewards expire they’ll bring back some good toons instead.

Yes, thanks for pointing it out, I just found the official thread. So disappointed, I almost had Zach :frowning:

Just wait until everyone hits Survival Collection 6. The rewards for that one are hilarious.

Still waiting for a response on this but have a feeling im just being fobbed off


wait few days there will be some toons in muaeum again for comis

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Scopley saying FU.

I hit the 190 comic mark 2 minutes after Zachary disappeared o from the road map and 30 from another museum collection so I just missed out on him by minutes guess the comic book collection will continue to grow

Puttig up Zach there and ensuring no one gets him was a master stroke from this evil organization :slight_smile:
Should be a good lesson to any one who spends and believes to get anything good in return!

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Ugh that sucks… let’s hope we can get some cool toons soon!

I know, I know, my feelings! And instead of Zach… flags! Well played Scopely

Customers need to have quality of choice, some won’t mind grinding etc if the quality was there. Gabriel is ok but I wouldn’t be end over backwards to use him so that leaves what tokens? That u will be telling stories to your grandkids by the time u get or would have to remortgage your home for? It’s about balance and quality

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