Survival Club Issue

Each time I try to click on the free pull, it just takes me to the screen to subscribe again for the 24.99 price but you can see mine hasn’t even ended yet? I want my free pull :angry:

EDIT: For the misfortunate…

It says it renews Jan 7th… @IvanRTS, I’ve had this happen once. Just force stop your game and reboot. It should work.

@Macs13 thanks, that did work, forced reboot and i got my daily coins, rewards and my pull did reset… guess the game was just bugged

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I still have so many questions… :confused:

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how can i force stop game and reset ??? plz i also wanted to know bro

Biggest issue about Survivor’s Club: Its existence

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I only know Android. You go to settings, apps, walking dead RTS app, and there will be two buttons. One is force stop (and you’ll have to confirm) and the other is uninstall. Hit force stop and it will completely turn off the game. Then just open the game back up.

Why did you buy survivors club? :joy:

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