Survival Club improvements - thanks Scopely!

Earlier I made an topic about improvements to the survival club, and Scopely replied (JB) that they will look into it.

In my previous topic we spoke about how to make survival club even better, give us some gear, trainers etc. we like Andrea Shield yes, but we need more for our money.

I did t really though my suggestions would be taking in but they did! Well done :slight_smile:

Now we need more Exclusive toon from Survival Club :slight_smile: but I’m sure it will come!

Thanks Scopely :slight_smile:


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Duplicate post, please remove

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No, this is mine :slight_smile:

Meh these are like the rewards from 1 CRW. They are good sure but I don’t have a interest in buying SC for 25€ a month.


I like it now I buy it

Yes, a big thank you to scopely dig a little more the gap between f2p and p2p.


The more crap they add to the game the more crap there is to go wrong. I’m not impressed with this game as a free player so I’m not gonna pay just to be disappointed


It’s a much needed change.
Thanks JB

But I do feel for non subscribers as gear is really hard to come by now.

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Its a good start, however the access to the comic is ridiculous, getting 6-8 comic peer week is a greedy way to keep the ppl on the SC. So if you offer more chars please increment the comics or at least send the SC buyers an extra package, also release “exclusive” offers or a dedicated store for them.

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Not for me, just think and know what you want to focus on your game. Mine is focused on the attack, so I take the necessary equipment at the league store

Thank you Scopely

Think they improved it coz so few people took out a subscription not coz u asked but hey … still no way for me just another way of asking us to pay for gear and trainer’s which should be free… There own letter to player’s when 6* was released stated this it’s not just my opinion lol

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This will be extremely underwhelming but ok

@JB.Scopely we could ask for more Comics - like 10-12 each week, would be perfect! :slight_smile:

Good luck with that. Might as well ask for the daily comic roadmaps to come back instead of the weekly.

I would be a lot more tempted if they did something with weapons like shorter crafting time (or none for like your first 100 slots), better chance of success, as well as the no parts thing.

Maybe also their own events beyond the comics? Make me feel I was getting something for my money.

And what about better odds on wheels and free survival road energy cans? Ooh and free coins to match the 30 day pass…

I was more tempted by sc but it is still a no from me. Dig a bit deeper scopely.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: #truth

How about ya’ll hook us up with some flare guns every week also?

I have flare guns but no earrings for the toons. Maybe they could introduce gear bartering too?

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Good change but could be better like 10-20 Liliths