Survival Club / Andrea - maked then what?

Hey all

I have a question. Let’s say I ascend Andrea and then max her and it’s kind of enough for me, can I just then quit the club and keep her or will Scopely take her back / downgrade her?

Supposedly u will keep her wherever she is when u end, I plan to t4-1 6* her then bounce

There are going to be be incentives to stay… Of course another character later. @JB.Scopely

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According to the survey they posted earlier in the year, there might be toons given.

They will keep her and downgrade. Should keep the membership for the next year.

That would be called scam, like real scam. Even too much for Scopely. It’s like you’d by some furniture, build it together and then the person who sold it to you would steal it back, without giving you anythink for it.

That would be shit… if they somewhere in between have written that she will be downgraded lol

Hmm. I think they should rework the club idea… give us more and better membership advantages

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