Survival club an absolute sham!

I joined survival club because its rewarding. I am not paying it to have a skip month and receive nothing. How would u like to have arrangement like that and pay for it? I been waiting for the new items today. Not paying to wait! Unacceptable!


Is a shame you dont get anything useful for the comics
But i have it for

  1. The monthly 30 pull combined
  2. The roosterspace
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But really pulls have become devalued, it is getting harder to justify.

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got to agree, and disagree, the free daily pull is ok but in all my time since it started i have received maybe 2 legendary toon and maybe maybe 5 ascendable legends in 5* state. so i wouldnt put it has value for money. the reason lately were comic rewards. the whole thing glitched this week with the clock shift so i dont get this weeks “axe” or mission rewards from it because i jumped the gun (my mistake, but it shouldnt even be a thought). however the latest comic rewards in museum is a joke, only one crate for a diego / harrison choice? supposedly there are s class shards? i haven’t seen any. so I go with “where is the value for money?”.

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Nice. I hate it when I dont have enough room for my Roosters. They get all over the town.


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