Survival Club after Andrea

@GR.Scopely do you have an update or not?

What is the point in subscription after Andrea is t4

Two of my faction mates cancelled their Survival Club membership today as soon as they got Andrea to tier 4. I am likely going to follow suit if there is no new information soon about a new character or other benefits.


Here is your prize


This just in we have a new dark horse in the best troll race :joy:

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You guys already got enough with weekly gifts and a free 6* now be happy with what you got :slight_smile:

I think what he means is how come we haven’t been informed what’s next with SC, the weekly gift is done so what’s next?

I think once you get Andrea to T4, best choice is to cancel until a new sc toon is released, then in case subscribe again if it’s worth.


Got the last 6 comics today, t4ed her and cancelled my subscription.

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unlucky here only been getting drops of 2

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1 short myself how annoying

A new SC toon is inbound :male_detective:

We’ll have a more formal announcement soon. :slight_smile:


Just like the info on 6* Gear Maps…


now that andrea is useless you have the opportunity to grind for another toon that will be useless when 6☆ t4, yeah :smile:


Nice to see you JB :grin::grin::grin::grin:

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We will renew the sub soon…

This time remember to actually make them use the comics to upgrade… Odds they make this same error again?

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I’d hurry up. Lots have been unsubscribing after t4, including myself.

No if you saved all comics xD

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New SC toon gate incoming … xD


Hit every roadmap…39/40…gotta wait another week.

Omg we do have a cm!
As expected no comments on the 100 other real issues in the game. By all means tho please keep the people threatening to cancel sc informed :joy: