Survey Ideas: Status Unknown or Otherwise KIA


I don’t know how many of you out there take the extended surveys that pop up now and again. Not the ones the simply ask how you like the game. The surveys that have proposed aspiring ideas like a subscription service, a gear system, a vehicle system, a faction town.

There’s no way for us to really know what ideas have been scrapped, altered, or on the way (I do have an educated guess that assets for vehicles in some fashion was adapted to Faction Assault or vice versa) unless we see them or are told they are no longer in the works. Now I know what you are probably thinking… there’s way too much that needs fixing to keep adding stuff that’ll also be broken. You are absolutely right. I just thought a “what could have been” discussion would be entertaining.

I got rid of alot of screenshots of old surveys in a recent photo purge to make room for storage. So everything I can describe is pretty much off the top of my head.

To name a few:
Vehicles. You would take these into battle from a selection of vehicles and they would provide a boost.

Gear System. Equippable pieces of gear that would apply stat boosts. (Think how weapons work but with helmets and body armor, stuff like that.)

Subscription Service. bahahahahha $$$ = winwinwin

Faction town. Boy I sure hope this one is still coming. I don’t remember too many of the described specifics. But… it’s a town…for your faction. Use your reasonable imagination.

Friendly Dueling. Sparring with your mates to test out teams. This was mentioned recently somewhere. One of the most practical ideas imo.

Comment down below what things that appeared in surveys you looked forward to or think would have been nice to have. And also comment what you are glad didn’t shown up or has not shown up yet.

Poll TBD


Which ones were you excited for?

  • Faction Town
  • Gear System
  • Friendly Raiding
  • Subscription
  • Vehicles

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The faction town would be cool, but unless it provides the faction with traits, would be completely useless in the grand scheme of things. Gear and testing each others teams are solid ideas and I know have been asked about for a long time.


If I remember correctly, the Faction Town concept had a kind of “Battle Arena” involved for testing teams.


Not all of these are dead and buried :slight_smile:

Can’t really say more than that right now


Aww haha @agrajag


Woah…that thing could cause seizures…


I think my co worker just had a seizure beside me… lol


This is an optimism-inspiring post. Thank you for that.




I’m so sorry.


Referring to the subscription model right :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


There was also one about making your own toon that was on one of the surveys, I hope that it’s still in the works.


@Agrajag is on the iugo side, so subscriptions, I assume, are outside his domain.



Bingo! I knew there was a big one I was forgetting. That one was a pretty interesting idea. I remember hearing news of 6*s killing my hopes for that one.





I hope it won‘t be friendly raids. There‘s too little loyalty all around. You never know which friend will be your foe tomorrow.


Friendly raiding and faction town rest is pure $$.