Surprised they aren't selling shirts and barb wire

I’m actually sort of surprised that the game isn’t selling barb wire and shirts . A whole slew of people would be buying


If you ask me it’s because they are going to put him on the wheel and hope people will drop lots of cash to get him otherwise they would because we all know they love cash.

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I’m surprised too. Also surprised they haven’t put out any of the cheap SR bundles

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I really think people in game should not be supporting such acts. These loot box type rewards to get in game event items is under handed.

It’s one thing to sell food and even have new feature chraracters in the wheels for sale but to have events that push players to purchase items to complete the events just cheapens the experience. Console and other video games are currently going through a revolt and so should mobile games.

You want me to buy the game sure. You want me to pay to get the lastest feature character or weapon sure. You want me to pay to complete an event *#$& no! What next pay to refill gas event? Pay to log in event.

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I would have paid decent money since I was so close. Oh well would have been nice to know the level up was the final place to get the items.