Surprised no one has complained

That the typhoon flash map has no typhoon event items. I mean wtf how stupid.


It’s specfic aim is for people to use the toons required to meet typoon missions… people have been begging for it actually.


I dont remember there being bound helpers but I did kind of blow thru it

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Yes, each stage had one of the helpers required for each mission.


real begging is beads map… everyone is on 40/50 with 9 stars yes i did get lucky with that bag so dint have do one toon ar

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Waste of time complaining about anything the don’t listen


So they didn’t listen to people complaining they couldn’t finish the missions, and make a flash roadmap to specifically address that need?

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they didn’t fully address it either since michelle wasn’t one of the units in the map, so plenty of regions still dont get to finish the bad event because they dont have access to michelle at all


Your easily pleased nice

I found that Michelle was quite common in Draft, (I could have just had a lucky bucket those days?). But yes I thought it was weird that she was not included in the flash map too.

Not really. I’m just against blanket statements that are untrue. Do they always listen? No. But, occasionally they do.

Keep telling yourself that because they don’t listen ever

Clearly, they didn’t listen at all by adding this road map and also changing AOW to CRW just in this week. Have a good day.

Little things and all that good day ma’am

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