Surprise Recruit Box

Has anyone ever gotten a toon from one of those surprise recruit boxes in the shop please let me know and send proof If you got it!?

Yes I got Michonne from it when was in the crate.


a fac mat got 2 aris out of 1 box. lucky mofo

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Wow that’s awsome! Nice

That’s insane Jesus lol

yeah i think that was his luck for the next 2 years used up

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Lmfaooo def

A frakmate pulled 10 of these without a toon

Damn that sucks I’ve done a few an different nothing also that’s why i was curious if anyone has

Now i got him. Last boxes I bought all and nothing. Between i got bim at red premier wheel. Now i want Negan :smiley:


I guess you should change your nickname then :stuck_out_tongue: lol
and gz, I wish I had him

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