Surprise faction events and late on rewards


This has got to change or stop because these surprise faction events with little to NO time to switch factions is ridiculous. To make matter worse is that rewards are ALWAYS late in my region so the next event which is WAR will start before we can move around. We are essentially stuck because we can’t kick or leave until we receive our rewards.


I agree 100%, get the rewards out faster or give a 4 hour buffer between tournaments @kalishane


Lots of regions have a neutral craft faction that holds all the craft territories. U have to switch to it to get the bonus


I’m pinned too said my goodbyes to a long time team and tried leaving multiple times before war and it kept telling me can’t leave while event is underway I tried too atleast 10+ times at varying times my guess is since raid rewards weren’t distributed I was pinned to the faction. :confused:


Well it is up to region and players to go for cosmetics from territory or play events, territories help with rng as needles in wooden leg.


Rewards shouldn’t take over an hr to distribute and faction events should be across all regions and not just “some selected regions” and if they were going to do that, put it in the calendar. However you play the game is up to you, I’m not asking you to change your game play, I’m asking for the system to be more consistent.


I’m bumping this - It’s incredibly frustrating that we don’t have enough time to recruit recently.

The faction is currently low in numbers but we don’t have chance to bring anyone in (unless they’re factionless).


Again, another unannounced faction event, right after the 3rd unannounced faction event with 1 hr in between and late rewards distribution so we are all once again stuck.

And this unannounced faction event will go to Friday, possibly an hr before the scheduled Faction Raid and since prizes won’t be distributed until hrs later, we expect to be stuck all weekend.


Aside from War…we have been the same way.


Being locked in a faction without a full set of members is incredibly frustrating and is killing the game for most.

We wanted more faction events but this is a joke!!

@kalishane we need a resolution and an answer!!


This was her response from another thread about these surprise faction events


Hours later? We have prizes within 30 minutes.


Fastest time for us was 1 hr and a half