Surprise boxes a con


D8d the 10 pull for Ricks stun gun and just useless tokens. As scoeply screw us by getting nothing for thousands of coins why do they think so many go to vk instead. Much better value. At least I won’t be giving anything to scopely again so they lost another customer from bothering to play fair by coining. Crw last week saw us against a vk team so they obviously don’t care if you use vk anymore.


yeah I paid 2500 coins for weapon tokens.

They were tapjoy coins but I still feel like a rube.


You just now finding about how bad the RNG is? Damn.


Surprise in every box!!



I actually played fair but there is no point. Vk teams are left to continue so those playing fair are penalised and even worse when you dump money into the game for nothing



Would you be eluding to something along these lines? :wink:


Surprisingly I got one in three pulls. Only took since armory came out and over 100 fails, but still feels like I won today:)


No he said why do you think so many go to vk not that he goes to vk


Please tell me it wasn’t in your Chambers region??


Unfortunately I pulled all 10 and didn’t get it but four members in my faction got it so it is in there.


Gabe you fought that turkish vk team last weekend too. I bet they havent been kicked from the game for using vk.


It’s all a gamble. Only spend what you’re willing to lose.
I did four crates, since that’s what I had coins for. Got two stuns out of the four, so I feel like I won this time around. I can certainly say though, there were many times that I’ve lost.
I even contemplated buying more coins and pulling more, but I thought, then scopely certainly wins, so I stopped.
I’ve come to the conclusion that a little bit here and there is much easier to deal with than dropping a wad on something, and I’ve been rewarded enough times with small inventments (a couple single pulls, a crate or two here and there) that I will not spend in large increments on this game ever again.


I paid 7 big pulls in total for 2 shiva jarring guns then it is on sale for 100 $ no wonder i eat that cake but So far RNG is not on my side as i have got only 1 - blue 20% ap and 1 green - ap defend, all stun/impair/ ab defend fail so I decided stop crafting what scopely sale. I think i am doing right as my pk/dt are over 100 now


So we are getting one with impair gun next?


1 boxes are Rng
2 you should known this
3 no pity for you
4 the end.


Should’ve used your coins to purchase power tokens like I’m doing. Just keep watching videos till you get 250 and buy. We still have 15 days left of event. :slight_smile:


One single pull this morning

Surprise Box Odds?

I wouldn’t buy power tokens as they are easy to come by if you are active


Haha, nope Stephens


phew :smiley: