Surprise box odds WTF


Anyone got a surprise box? It costs around 500 coins.

At least Scopely are honest about our chances.


I would be surprised if the odds were above 0.1


did 3 pulls…bs ofc​:neutral_face::neutral_face:


Its .1% because it’s 1000 tokens. That’s 10 pulls


Yes, so that’s 500 coins for each pull which equates to roughly £5 for 0.1% chance.

That would mean it should take 1000 pulls on average to land the tokens, despite only 15 being available.

The average then to receive the tokens (again, roughly) would be £5000.

so that’s 10 pulls for £5000.

Over to you.


And it’s 10 5* or 6* so I can see why they would do .1% chance.


Im not buying any. Just think it’s funny though. That 1000 tokens will lure a lot of people to buy it im sure.


Or why not buy 12 for $36…oh my bad you must be an opponent of players getting that mystery deal!


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