Surprise Box for 450 coins

Anyone bought this?

Don’t waste your time


I am just hoping for Green Shiva offer to pop up, someone on forums got it for 1650 coins.

Awesome 20 x burts for 450 coins :ok_hand:


Better odds then promos, I actually have gotten some good toons from these before, but normally they are outdated by the time they have these

Christmas or cutthroat? They have always handed out cutthroat like crazy, still has its uses, better since cutthroat has been buffed.

This :point_up_2:

Gabriel is still good, i have him on my Defense team, still gets the job done. Magna, idk, there are better shields out there like Ajax.

Magna is great just for the force impair

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Cutthroat, she’ll be a workable addition to my Melee team with her attacking and controlling abilities.

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Yeah she is still good, how do you not have one already though? I’ve had like 37

My total game time is around 6 months, though I started playing in last October. Took breaks in between.
Never got lucky with 5star pulls when she was in wheel.

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