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Greetings to all!

Since the launch of the mission where it is required to spend coins for its fulfillment (“Monedamónium” in Spanish), they were offered in the game store “Surprise Bags” whose cost was 499 and there was the following probability of obtaining these prizes:

  • 1000 coins - 20% chance
  • 400 coins - 35% chance
  • 200 coins - 45% chance

I assume that Scopely’s idea was that we spend coins in a kind of “casino” to reach the fulfillment of the corresponding mission.

Making a statistical analysis, it was not convenient to buy those bags, since one spent 499 coins and obtained 430 coins on average (1000 x 0.2 + 400 x 0.35 + 200 x 0.45). It was much more likely that, considering the entire player base, Scopely ended up winning (as is natural to expect, since they intend to earn money). I have nothing against that.

On the other hand, one as a player could buy these bags in the different regions in which he had an account, so the “slot machine” procedure could be repeated many times.

The point is that a partner was buying the bag of coins in all the regions where he had active accounts (10 Surprise Bags per region in approximately 5 regions), and he was lucky, earning approximately 4000 net coins (losing in some bags, winning in others).

The truth and concrete is that he took a risk by legally buying those Surprise Bags, since as he won, he could have lost enormously with those transactions predefined by Scopely and fully adjusted to the Terms and Services. That is, although he was lucky to obtain a large net profit, he could have lost many currencies (as I am sure that many users lost with these offers).

Surprisingly, his account was suspended, where Scopely alleges violation of the Terms and Conditions of Service for this conduct. Now, my query is simple for all forum users:

Do you think that this behavior represents having cheated in some way, or abusing bugs or exploits, or the mechanics of the game itself?

For my part, I consider that it was a set of legal transactions, lawful and always adjusted to the Terms of Service, where in no way did I take undue advantage of the mechanics of the game, but rather was lucky.

Now I ask: Is it a fault to have been lucky? Is it fair that when you lose they don’t give you anything back, but when you win they block your access to the account? It’s exactly like when you go to any casino, and when you win, they throw it out. Do you think it’s fair?

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I don’t for one second believe he got banned for this. It’s a cover story.


He has been my partner for more than two years, I know his account very thoroughly, and I am 100% sure he has never done anything that violates the Terms and Conditions in any way. Moreover, it has initiated several anti-hack claims againsts cheaters.

However @LadyGeek assuming for a second that this was the real reason for the suspension, do you think it would be fair?

Yeah he probably coin loaded but of course he shouldn’t be banned if story was true. Scopely I don’t think discusses the reason for ban anyway.

No, it’s not fair and I don’t believe Scopely had ever banned anyone for legitimately spending in offers. Why would they?


That is exactly what I say. They never said the reason for the ban (and they simply refused to discuss the issue) only blocked access to their account. The last activity of his account was to visit the different regions buying Surprise Bags in all of them.

Suddenly, an hour later, the account was locked. We initiate the corresponding claims through the different means of contact ( - - support in the game itself - contact form on the official Scopely site - TRUSTe) but they do not give us an answer. This was two days ago. If it were an unfounded claim, I assure you that I would not lose a second in the case.

I repeat and reaffirm: I am 100% sure of the flawless legality of my partner; and I find no alternative but to go to the good judgment of the users of this forum to ask for an opinion that supports the legality of their actions.

That could be a coincidence not cause. We all love our partners but have we all caught them lying of course. It doesn’t matter anyway his account is done and time to coinload another lol.

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Bans are not issued within hours of an infraction, as there is some work that has to go on behind the scenes. So, while it’s human nature to assume the most recent action is what triggered the ban, it’s probably not accurate. Have him review activities over the previous weeks or months for a better idea.


I just do not know. I assume that after the “skullgate” in which many players benefited, automatic detections of irrational increases in coins increased.

I am not against that, it seems fantastic that they use means to punish those who cheat, especially when it comes to coins.

However, I think it has been precisely because of what I say: they observed that someone legitimately benefited from the “odds game” they propose, and as “casino owners” they threw him out for winning.

I hope that I am wrong, and that the situation will soon be clarified and the account will be returned accordingly; but for now they simply give us evasion and refuse to discuss the real reasons for the suspension.

Good luck. It’s been my experience that a precise reason for a ban is never given.

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Thank you very much @LadyGeek! I really feel very indignant.

I take the opportunity to ask you, do you think it is fair that they do not give a precise reason when they ban an account?

I mean, when one is accused of having committed some act, and they also punish him for it… Isn’t it logical that they at least indicate what was the fact that gave rise to the sanction?

Returning to the analogies, it is exactly as if they put you in jail, but they didn’t tell you why. Violates the constitutional guarantees of due process.

No, because why would it matter. This isn’t court they are judge jury executioner and they found him guilty. Why would they waste time arguing with cheaters they have more important things to do.

Simply because there may be the possibility of having made a mistake or an injustice.

Entering a hypothetical plane: put yourself for a second in the place of someone who was unfairly banned. Suddenly, having always played legally, you have blocked access to your account. Do not you think that at least they should tell you what was the behavior that resulted in the sanction?

Yes I think they should at least tell us what was the reason

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In a game no I don’t the less information or time they give to cheaters the better. Would you want to risk paying for scopely’s fraud department if you are wrong? I doubt it.

Why scopely would tell people which cheat got they banned? So they can alert other cheaters?

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Yes for them to either stop or get banned. The story I read provided sounds like something Scopley would do considering what people they have for the rest of its future

I do not agree: everyone has the constitutional right, in any area of life, to know why they apply sanctions to behavior. In fact, it is one of the purposes of the sanction: to prevent it from being committed in the future; which is impossible if the behavior that gave rise to it is unknown.

Either way, I am completely willing to take this claim to the appropriate instances, because a huge injustice has been committed. And I am aware that this has the risk of “paying if I am wrong”, but I will fully assume that risk, since I am sure that they have made a giant mistake.

We do not seek any compensation of any kind, only to be returned access to the account that was unfairly banned.

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It’s a game lol owned by scopely if you don’t agree just don’t play

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