Post your supreme crate pulls! Im about to pull right now!

Just flood the screen or posts with Benedicts.


Pulled basil benedicts and brady from bonus bags. About to open the crates!

5 pulls all benny

Of all my pulls so far (saving my last 50, I’ve done 50 so far), I’ve gotten mod sets twice, and the rest are bennies. Pretty happy actually. The swarm of bennies has allowed me to max out most of my roster.


Pull 2 crates and got bennies. I ran out of food.

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I got 4 left and all bennies so far.

Whered you get a crossbone

Governor’s path. I pulled all supremes! No coins tho. But I got alot of bennies

I now have 150 more Benedict’s than I once did.


Lucky ■■■■■■ :smiley: I did all 10 and got bennies. At least Im ready to ascend people

Did 10 pulls. 3 mods and rest bennies.

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Bens on top of Bens unfortunately here

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Opened 40x supreme crates, all benes…

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Used 9 crossbones

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1500 Bennie’s, 1 20k coins. All in all I don’t mind.

Ended with 75 gold mods, and I ran out of fingers and toes to count that many Benny’s.:joy:

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