Supreme bags of mystery

Anyone opened these yet? Curious to know what’s in them but also not willing to try


Wanted to see to so decided to use my free coins. But the game crashes when I try it

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Some eggs or butter or not.

Probably a test just to see if people will spend not even knowing what they are getting anymore haha


Mystery 69
= ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
But mystery 70 is a middle finger which says no mystery 69 for you

prolly nades in one, soda cans and smelling salts other

was sandwich and cherry pie in mine

How many?

was rng bags in there. got 75 sammich and 15 pie

Pie goes better with strudel :wink:

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Mmm… Strudel and then a Käffchen to it…:drooling_face:

Isn’t that what the promo wheels are for ? Oh wait… we do it’s disappointment and then some more disappointment


Good one!

They are trying everything to sell those pie and sandwich this event is so bad no one playing it

Oh, so the bags have the supreme ability to end the world-at least temporarily?

It would seem the bags are too extreme for us lower beings

100 sandwiches & 12 cherry pies. It was videoed

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