Supreme Bag false percentages

According to these photos are you guys offering the 10,000 tokens at a 42 percent chance? Or let me guess it’s a 41.99 percent chance for 500 of the collection glove things and 00.01 for the ten thousand which you just forgot to input give us the chances great going


Technically it isn’t false. Misleading, but not false.


Why would you buy this anyway? Mittens can be achieved through easy ms, and the tokens are crap or crap i need another 5* of trait trainer or camp stove like I need another hole in my head.


I wouldn’t buy it I have both toons it’s offering just saw it and thought I’d raise it for other members of the community as there will be people who would purchase it through it being misleading

This shameless practice of deliberately being vague has long been this company’s modus operandi.

Before Apple mandated loot boxes odds to be disclosed, you’d never see duplicates of a certain item in a loot box.

It’s clear $copely found a loophole in the terms and ‘exploited’ it to hopefully mislead players into believing it’s actually 42% (obviously not for the 10k ones) when it’s not.

What’s worse is people actually thinking it’s okay for them to do this.


@KRoo didn’t even realise a post was already up! Oh well the more the merrier ■■■■■■■ wankers they are

they should place a crates within crates and have the chance of getting a crate at 100 percent

winning scopely

I’m surprised they haven’t gone to a “shard” method where u have to get x amt of shards to unlock a toon and charge 100 bucks for a crate w either 1/100 or 100/100 shards. 100% chance for character shard(s)!

Just wanted to share so everyone can see what people are feeling, mine was already locked anyway. It’s shady AF

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