Supporter Special Stat - How would you improve this Stat?


The supporter Special Stat is probably the least used special Stat of the four stats. I think it’s time Scopely puts this Stat on their endless improvement list. In the meantime, let’s suggest how they could improve it’s many outcomes!
(I’ve put in the supporter Stat outcome tree as a picture to help the brainstorming).

My suggestion is to simply make the supportive stat affect multiple characters instead of just one. This will help the Stat go from a waste of a slot to actually being useful. Simple and not at all overpowered.


Impair when Attacking is good. Green Revive is OK. Reds and Yellows have no use for Supporter 3. But this is similar to the other specials (i.e. greens have no use for defender, yellows have no use for slayer, etc).


Self heal was awesome on hold the line Duane


Yes there are some supporter stats that are very good. I’m mainly talking about the ones that isn’t the melee/ranged and trait specific ones (the best ones).
The random Def or random atk stats that only applies to one character for example. If that Stat would apply to 2-5 characters then that would probably be used in some builds.