Support team needs ssome revamping


I know this has been discussed before but seriously them taking 24 hours to reply is insane. I just want my account back so i don’t lose my streak for one and two fall behind with raids. Please make your own log in system scopley it would make things much easier. Not everyone has or wants facebook. I know i don’t.


Good luck getting your account back.
Scopely’s bots are on robocrack lately.


oh god if i don’t i think i’m going have a break down.


but it would be there fault for being hella slow


That’s it? It once took me around 5 days to get a response. :unamused: But yes, support is pretty bad.


It doesn’t make them money sooooo it’s not a priority.


Good luck on that. Took them 6 hours to reply to mine, then said that the item I was trying to “return” was no longer present (completely ignoring the fact that I can get raided in the time it took them to reply).


Seems like it depends on the person you get from support. It’s like there is a huge language barrier. If they don’t comprehend what you’re telling them or asking them, you better believe you’re getting a non-helpful copy-paste reply.


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