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what’s wrong with Scopely? they always say that if you have problems, you can always turn to them. then you have a problem and you only get computer-generated garbage back … we have a player banned, but definitely because of a misunderstanding, because he did nothing. Hadn’t been online in ages. and then you want to contact support with care and the only thing you get is a response from such a robot about “I can’t give you any information about another player due to data protection” Bla bla bla…
I want to speak to a person and not a computer … and I will continue to write until I finally get a correct answer and we can solve the problem! that’s not the way Scopely is doing and I just have to get rid of it now! Scopely often does things you don’t need to understand! but that was more like an exaggeration! I just expect a reasonable answer from a reasonable person and NOT a robot!

Nobody of them or their support will tell you the reason why a certain player has been bänned. Data protection & privacy is quite important. You could sue them for maybe even millions if they should break these laws. Or how would you feel when a company gives personal informations about you to another person?


Data protection laws are a real thing and not just an excuse they use not to tell you. If the banned person themselves contacts support they may share the information with them, but support cannot tell other people private information about someone’s account.

+1 respect for data privacy laws.

Well none of the banned players I’ve ever seen have admitted to any wrong doing. Worst thing they’ll admit is doing some refunds or using an emulator.
But we know the truth lol


Scopely support sucks, that’s the only truth here.

My first Account was banned bc account sharing. That was not true. I got proofs and want to go into a law fight with my lawyer! I asked why i get banned, they told me that they can not say me why. Then i threaten with my Lawyer! I let him setup a few words in that Support Email and then they told me i was banned bc account sharing! So they can give Infos if they want^^

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