Support or lack of it

Can anybody advise me as to who support actually support because it certainly doesn’t seem to be the players AKA their customers. Having worked in customer support for over 20 years I think I am qualified to assess them as a totally inept shambles.

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Support? This game has support? :rofl:

No but seriously, scopely, support, the forums and even the players seem to not be here for the players or the game, never seen a community so divided

have a cup of cement and harden up

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Told me they were unable to roll back my shield Andrea even though she has an AR of level 5 dispute me using 0 leaders to level her.
Funny how they so easily managed it for thousands of accounts when it was going to cost them money

Her rush isnt that bad to have, yea shes a shield but her rush is pretty good

It’s pretty sad when they are charging 25 dollars a month for the subscription but yet when u need help u can’t even get it this is just wrong

thats what hes saying the problem is h2z. he used 5 aidens/lillys to level her ar but didnt get any in return and support is telling him to keep on surviving

No what I’m saying is I purposely didn’t use anything to increase her ar because that makes her useless as a shield, then when no tried her out shield didn’t work at all. When I checked she was somehow level 5 AR . All I wanted was her resetting as something had gone wrong.
Supports response in a nutshell was, your fault , tough

They support a state of confusion and misinformation

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Everyone that works there is absolutly pathetic and they contribute to nothing and anyone that spends 100s per character is a moron

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Everyone who spends on this game since the release of 6*s is a moron imo unless u are a millionaire and pixels mean more than money to u…
Everything has got worse with scopely year on year was a great concept good game at start war being introduced made it much better but support has gone downhill if that’s possible the attitude towards players has gone downhill game balance has gone to sht in last year especially now it’s rare a team beats u by killing u just bores u 2 death with timeout battles …
How I miss the days when people’s defences used to kill my toons.

$copley doesn’t have support.

They pay some silly call center farm megacenter in India who handle hundreds of clients from other mobile games to ‘as-seen-on-tv’ fishing lures, or some ‘snuggy’ bullshit…

They ‘answer’ emails following a checklist FAQ they are provided with from $copley who update it semi-annually.

Often they don’t even speak English, you are getting copy pasta, as I’m sure many who have tried to deal with them already have seen.

Its useless smoke and mirrors more intended to make you ‘feel’ like you are heard than actually helping you.

I was given Popeil’s pocket pool as a gift and figured what the hell I would give it a try.

Is it supposed to electrocute your :basketball::basketball:'s? :smirk:

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