Support got back to me, but not with a favorable answer


It’s as if they completely skimmed over my message.
They asked for account name… I gave it
I don’t have account code
Account code of new account. ???
I gave my region…
Date last played. It was a few weeks ago
Date of account creation. I have no bloody clue.
My account level? I gave that too. Smh.
Faction name? I wasn’t in a faction.
I gave them a picture of the purchases I made on the account.


Any chance you can help me @JB.Scopely


Guess he doesn’t feel like it. Might as well close this mods. I’m likely not getting help.


Account code is also the Unique profile code -***- that pops up when you hit the circle that tells your your profile level.

Support used to be real good on this game before they brought in the 6 stars and region transfers. Now all they care about is money.


I’m aware. I simply do not have my code.
My question marks were in reference to them asking about new account.
What new account?


If you have no account code your pretty much beat it’s like have no social security number


Could a mod delete this?


Did you ever pay gold or offers from game or link account


Once i never got rewards for a event. Support told me they would look into it and get back to me. 2 years later I’m still waiting.


I did link facebook but i lost the account. i have pictures of purchases i made though


The receipt should have the account code


No. When I checked my purchase history on my apple purchases page on the store there is no account code.


Did you send them a screen shot of the receipt


Yes I did.


Did you try this with 2 devices


The link with Facebook


Every account has the linked account and a default account


I do not have the facebook account anymore. But this should be resolved soon hopefully. A dev pm’d me and he’s helping me.


Make a fake Facebook I have 3 accounts linked with Facebook my real 1 and 2 fake 1s


Hopefully works out for you hate to see people loses there accounts