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Hallo JB,

Because my last topic is closed, I made a new topic. I’m now nearly 3 weeks out of the game. I got in this time only 2 (TWO! ) answers from the support. What must I do, to get help? I payed a lot of money, an now nobody helps me. I’m verry disappointed:((
Here again my problem:



Hello, I can not start my game for more than a week. I have already tried everything. Reinstalling, cache hacked, etc. but nothing helps.

A few weeks ago I changed my region (transfer). With my registration, I also visited other regions and created second accounts there. Also no transfer, only change of region.

Now I went with my main account in my old Region (first Region) to create a second account there.

At this moment the game crashed. I have not been in the game since then.

On a second cell phone, I tried to sign me up. Every time I want to load my game via Facebook, the game crashes.

I play the game without registering with a new Account on an other device. This way I can communicate with the support. A solution is not available at the moment.

Does anyone know this problem, can someone give me some advice?

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